Sunday, January 13, 2008


I feel as laid back as this kitty. Apart from the lingering tummy bug, I've had a much more relaxing weekend than i've had in a while. No interview stress and no work.

The magazine said they'd be in touch by Friday as they had to make a decision by then. I didn't hear anything and had butterflies every time my phone rang. Honestly, I didn't really want to hear from them. I'm actually relieved.

I actually had a great day on friday, visiting one of the schools I teach at in the morning. They've just moved to a new site and it's GORGEOUS. I love teaching and i felt really excited about getting in there. I also had a call from a school based at a huge London fish market. I'd been recommended to them and they want me to come in and do a class. If we get on then they'll send me on their fish knife skills course and for a mkt tour. That's SO exciting!! Also, one of my old pupils had got in touch and wants more lessons. There's so much for me to do and I love the freedom of not being office based.

This weekend, Mr G and I took time out. I baked - a blueberry, apricot and yoghurt cake for my in-laws and a chocolate marble cake for my auntie and uncle today. I've just bought this book and i'm loving trying new recipes from it.

Saturday was so sunny I was inspired to get outside and stay there. I washed all of our windows, and sorted out my lavender plants and tidied up my pots too. We met my in-laws for supper and that was great. A bit too great, as I got carried away eating (artichoke salad, duck breast, mashed potato and red cabbage AND apple crumble with ice cream) and sent my delicate tum back into a spin. (Too greedy for my own good)

Today we had a lazy morning. Papers, tea and toast. Then went to visit my auntie and uncle in their new flat. They live 30 mins from us but it feels like miles. We're in built up suburbia and they're in green fields. Mr G and i are inspired to get moving. It'd be great to get ourselves to a bigger home.

Anyway, it's been nice to have a stress free weekend. The only stress has been an IT issue. Mr G's laptop has crashed and BURNED. Hard disk is - in the words of our IT guru - "pooped". Mr G's been stressing about it all weekend as he needs to work and it has gone to the Mac Hospital to be rebuilt. Add to that an I-Phone dropping incident that incurred a nasty scratch and you've got yourself a grumpy husband.

We're in a lull. I so hope I get to cycle next month. My fingers are crossed that my FSH behaves and stays low at the start of my next cycle. If it leaps i won't be allowed to cycle by my new clinic. As there's nothing I can do I just have to stay calm and wait to see... I'm not thinking about the "what if's" of not being able to cycle. I'll deal with it as and when. Worrying can only harm my chances.

I read on Reality's blog that this weekend you lurkers must come out of the closet and show yourselves. If anyone's lurking - show yourselves and i'll welcome you with open arms xx


Betty M said...

Delurking to say hello. I have come here via Almamay's blog (she and I know each other from our old clinic board). Despite a fine dinner all your talk of food is getting me hungry again...Hoping your FSH behaves itself next cycle.

Carrie said...

Wow, you sound so zen! What's your secret? Please share. I try with the ' I can't change it so I'll just wait and see' attitude but it barely lasts five minutes before I'm worrying again.

I'm glad you are in a better place right now. I really hope your FSH will be a good sport and you'll soon be on track again x

Bea said...

For a relaxed person, you sure got some things done!


Vee said...

I have only just started following your blog. So delurking I am. Your cakes sound yummy.

soapchick said...

Portia - So happy that you had a relaxing weekend, and that cake sounds delicious! I might have to check out that book - I love to bake! I'm getting my FSH checked again next cycle as well - here's to both of ours being LOW!!!!

Almamay said...

Not really a lurker because we are in touch but wanted to say HI! Glad you are relaxing. I can relate to poor DH's computer problem. Hope computer gets better soon. All the best with your FSH test.

Nearlydawn said...

Not really "lurking", but thought I'd say hey! I keep up wiht your blog, but I've been in a "no comment" kinda mood. Keep up the good relaxed kinda feelings!