Wednesday, January 02, 2008

PS - one great big positive

An apology to you all.

In my list of the plusses in my life failed to include one of the biggest. All of you!

I'm not sure how i'd have survived the last (nearly) 2 years without you all. Whether I know you as a name and web page or whether i've managed to meet you in person.

I wonder how girls survived IF before the days of the internet. They must have felt so alone and isolated.

Thank you girls.

Enough gushing. I've recipes to create!!!


Carrie said...

It's a hard to see the good things when the bad parts are all consuming.
The mind boggles when I think how much harder this would all be without the support and information from this community. It doesn't bear thinking of.

FWIW I have never found your writing depressing or self pitying, not in the least. I think you are very brave in the way you've coped with things.

Becks said...

Happy New Year hun, lets hope we make it to the other side this year.

I've got my fingers crosed for us all...perhaps (including Carrie) its the year of the UK girls.

My Reality said...

I hope you have another positive soon.

Rebecca said...

Congratulations! I don't think that any of us (including yourself) should apologize for having emotional could we not?

Bea said...

I hope 2008 is a much better year for you, too.

I agree with Carrie - your writing seems well in proportion to events. We just have to hope the events get happier!


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Pamela Jeanne said...

I completely second your PS. Like you I have no idea how much more alienating the IF experience was without this vast community of online support. Wait, I do remember. I just tried to suppress it. My treatments started a dozen years ago and during those times I felt like I was completely alone...but I don't anymore.