Monday, March 31, 2008

I've been sorely disappointed by Jenny from the Block this week. Whether or not her fraternal twins - born to a 38 year old mother after years of trying - were IVF babies or not, it's offensive how vehemently she has denied it. I almost liked her - as i've warmed and felt a slight affinity to many female celebrities attempting to sneak a baby into the dusk of their reproductive years. I've gone right off her.

Also on the IVF news front. It was reported yesterday that a 57 year old lady has just had a perfect baby after IVF with DE. My first thought was concern at someone becoming a first time mum 3 years short of her pension.

She'd had 3 IVF cycles and had thought the last one had ended in a m/c. She was diagnosed with suspected Ovarian Cancer but when she went for a scan, they found a 30 week old growing foetus in there! I then read she'd spent her fertile years nursing her poor old mum and had only met Mr Right in recent years. Maybe that's ok. Thing is though, she's most likely going to end up needing that little girl to support her in years to come. It was encouraging though that a DE cycle can work at such an advanced age. Good luck to her and her husband.

Next topic - why is there no a book for people pregnant after IVF? IVF pregnancies must bring up more concerns than non-IVF ones. For a start, if something were to go wrong, there's no guarantee that you can start again. After 4/5 tries for this one, i'm not sure there's much chance of my being able to repeat the miracle. Every twingey, crampy, un-nauseous, less tired moment brings a mild panic. Each scan has me holding my breath in case this statistically unlikely miracle ceases to exist.

I want to do the right thing by my body and the passenger, but what am I allowed to do? Can I exercise like a "normal" pregnant person? How easy should I be taking things? Do the extra drugs I inject into my body 3 times a day and the steroid I pop each morning mean that i'll feel more/less hormonal? Right now, i'm too superstitious to be buying books anyway - perhaps I will if i reach the 12 week watershed. Does anyone know of a book? If not, perhaps i'll write one - i've plenty of ladies to ask for input.

I've reached the heady heights of 9 whole weeks today. I've a scan at my clinic tomorrow. Either way it should be my last one there. If it goes well, i'm released to find sonographers new. If it doesn't go well...well, there'll be nothing more to look at. Today i'm pretty crampy but that could be my slow guts which are grinding to a hormonal halt. I'm breakfasting on branflakes, filling my morning smoothie with bran and oats and snacking on dried fruits in an effort to move things along. It's not entirely sweet smelling in Mr G's and my love nest...

Oh - I went to see Love in the Time of Cholera yesterday. It was PANTS! It's full of young people made up to look old. I hate that - Just get an older actor!! Also, they use a really cute young guy for one character and then swap him for Javier Bardem (the deliciously evil villain from No Country for Old Men) from one scene to the next. He looks 20 years older, which I think he probably is. It's just desperately bad and way too long.

I also made marmalade over the weekend. I've been meaning to make it for ages. I just can't seem to master jam and marmalade making. I either stop boiling too soon and end up a too soft set or go to far and get a solid fruity mass. Yesterday's is a sweet orange liquid. Tastes great but spreads a bit too easily! I may have to go for a reboil. Just don't know the secret. The pics a generic marmalade, not mine.

I was worried my last post contained insensitive stuff as I had very few comments.(*) I really hope not. I've read it and re read it. I'm toying with a 2nd pg blog. I just don't want to go there just yet as it may be the shortest blog ever. I'll see. I really hope i'm not writing anything upsetting. I hope none of the above is. Perhaps i'll split neutral and IF stuff from pg stuff with a big line. Do let me know if you've any constructive criticism.

(*) Not that i'm precious about low comment numbers. It was just a drop off and I thought i'd check.


Fertilized said...

Congrats on 9 weeks and good luck with your scan tomorrow.

Carrie said...

I can't believe how annoyed I feel at J Lo too. I mean even if the twins are not from treatment (which I highly doubt) as a woman, in her late 30s, who has struggled to conceive, she must realise how hard it is to have people not understand. Surely.

I don't think you should be overly worried about the content of your blog. It will naturally move into a pregnancy blog, of course it will. People still struggling will decide themselves if it is too hard to read or whether they continue to relate. I have had to give up some pregnancy blogs as they were too difficult (ie people who were pregnant with me and then I miscarried) and some who I no longer relate to (As much as I would like to I really have little knowledge of 3rd trimester issues!)
However plenty of others will be drawn because you are at this stage.

I really hope tomorrow is all it should be and you are sent away from clinic for the final time. How very exciting !!

Carrie said...
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My Reality said...

Does pants mean good or bad?

soapchick said...

I'm still here reading every day! I know the J Lo thing bugs me. Maybe she didn't do IVF, but she probably took clomid or something.

I can understand your caution, but I'm looking forward to belly shots, nursery talk, etc. on your blog!

tryingin2007 said...

j lo was seen coming out of my clinic just a few years ago! she totally pisses me off now. be honest please!!!!!

I agree that there should be a post IVF book. the IF experience does not end with a bfp. grrrr.

chonaschaka said...

This is your blog and you really shouldn't worry about other people being offended just because you're writing about your pregnancy. Anyone bothered would have to be the most selfish person on the earth considering all you've been through and even if you hadn't it still wouldn't be right. No one is obligated to read your blog anyway so kick back, relax and enjoy your joy. Otherwise, you're living in a self-imposed prison. I'm thrilled for you!

Bea said...

I know what you mean about vehement denials. If it's private, just tell people to back off and not be so nosy. No need to insist that it was all natural. Frankly, I'm not convinced by her story anyway.

But we totally do need a pregnancy after infertility guide! I noticed the same thing when googling pregnancy stuff in the first trimester. None of it seemed to resonate.


tryingin2007 said...

I just found this book "the long awaited stork: a guide to parenting after infertility"

could be interesting.