Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good news & quite a bit of PG stuff

I seem to be going through some sort of hormonal crying phase. Everything, and i mean anything and everything is prone to have me well up and, worse still, sob. Television programmes, good news and even just thinking about how far i've come all can trigger tears. I'm not sad - far from it - just prone to blubbing.

After some hysteria on Tuesday night - hours before Mr G was due to hop on the Eurostar to Paris - i decided to try to get seen a day early at the Emergency Gynaecology Dept. I'd got myself into such a state about the cramping that i couldn't face another night of stressing - especially with Mr G away.

I rang them all morning but no one replied. (I still haven't had an answer the next day!) I decided to turn up. I arrived to a packed room and immediately burst into tears. The male receptionist was pretty cool about the weeping woman in front of him and said they'd try to see me. He let me hide in his room for a minute to get my act together. The worst thing was that even then, i couldn't stop and the nurses were just totally ignoring me! I filled in a form whilst snivelling and managed to get it together enough to leave the room. It was 12.30pm and he said to come back just before 2pm when the afternoon clinic would begin. I decided not to go home but had some lunch - which turned out to be very nice - and spoke to Mr G, who was convinced i was so hormonal that all must be ok.

I went back to 2pm and sat waiting until about 3.30pm. They kept saying how busy they were, but they had no urgency at all. Clinic opened at 2pm. The Registrar doing the scanning strolled up at 2.10 and the nurse practitioner at 2.20. There were 3 of us waiting - one lady had been there since 10.15am!! They saw her first and then me. The Registrar just had a look at TP with the ultrasound. He said there was nothing else he could do. I asked if the placenta was ok. He then had a look at that and said 'yes, looks fine'. He said that if something was really wrong i'd be in huge pain and there would be bleeding or discharge.

He thought it was just growing pains. I'm sure he's right, but he gave me zero confidence. Whilst i was in there, the emergency room called him. Without even seeing the patient he said to give her heavy pain relief and he'd come when he could but he had lots to do and wasn't going to hurry. He said they could bleep him all they liked but it would make no difference to when he came. Very caring!

Anyway, i'm still hurting but less concerned. Suppose it's my fantastically taut stomach muscles - as if....

My happiest news is that a friend - you may recall i bumped into her at the clinic a few weeks ago. Has had her first scan (at 6 and a half weeks) and she saw 2 sacs and 2 heartbeats!! I'm so, so happy for her - it had me in tears again. She's very nervous as her last BFP ended in a miscarriage at about 9 weeks but as her numbers are were so much better this time i'm sure it's going to work out. It's another good news story for us older birds. She's 41 and a half - 42 in December. It can happen!


Almamay said...

Portia I'm sorry it is so difficult and worrying at the moment. Big (((hug))) You did the right thing going to the EPU. Always better safe than sorry.

My Reality said...

Growing pains in your state are good news, I think anyway.

Alyson & Ford said...

Hope all is better! We are praying for your good health! Think happy, happy thoughts!

Alyson LID 01/27/06 (IA China)

Bea said...

Wow. Well, I can see it from his point of view - obviously the work conditions there aren't great, very demoralising, but... not inspiring of much confidence. Would a sympathetic shoulder rub have killed them?


sara said...

I'm so sorry you had to deal with such a jerk especially when you're not feeling well and worried! Is your cramping any better now? You did the right thing going to get things checked out if you had even a tiny sliver of worry that things weren't right. Good for you, sounds like you're taking great care of that little one growing inside. I hoping things are quiet for a little while. I started having cramping yesterday and freaked out, so I understand your worry!

Chas said...

At least you got a little relief...I guess that's something. I'm sure everything is just fine. Our bodies really do react in weird ways when we're pregnant. I had sciatic nerve pain once during my first pregnancy, and I thought I was in labor, lol.

Congrats to your friend!! Twins are such a blessing!!

Kim said...

Glad things are okay. I was a nervous wreck during my pregnancies - I cried all the time too! (not sad just emotional) Congrats to you and your friend! NCLM

Queenie. . . said...

I'm sorry about your experience at the dr's. I lived in London for a while, and loathed the medical treatment I received there. I felt like I couldn't get anyone to pay attention to me, I sat waiting forever for appointments, and they literally did nothing for me. It gave me no peace of mind at all, and I was constatly worried. Whenever anyone I know complains about the state of American healthcare, I always tell them about my experiences in London, while I was in the midst of a fairly significant health crisis. I'm sure you're fine, but it galls me that this is how you were treated (and from my experiences, this seems to be the norm with British healthcare). I wish you were here (I'm back in the States now), so we could get you in with a proper dr's office that is a little more patient-centric. Hang in there!

That's great news about your friend.

DC said...

Wow! Your doctor sounds like kind of a jerk. As for the clinic, I'm sure they're accustomed to emotional, crying pregnant ladies. I don't mean to poke fun, but I did get a giggle out of the image of you blubbering in the office. (Not that I haven't done that before! And, OF COURSE, it would not be even remotely funny if anything had actually been wrong with TP.)

I hope you feel better soon! :)

Mrs. Spit said...

I'm sorry you got such a jerky OB. Sheesh. Can we leave him in a corner passing a kidney stone, waiting for the urologist?

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Juicy said...

Ugh, I hate waiting in doctor's offices. They seem to think nothing of making us wait, do they? Like their time is so much more important. :( Sorry you had to visit the dr., I hope all is well.

(here from NCLM)