Friday, June 06, 2008

Should we share the bad news? + SATC plot spoiler

I bought a new little remote keyboard when i replaced my laptop and i love it!! It's a pleasure to type. As my new laptop is almost identical looking to the old one life isn't much changed. Mr G and I are both a bit nervy, and I don't leave the flat without hiding my laptop away. It takes time but whilst Mr Tickle's on the lose....

I've been a bit panicky this week. One of my MindBody girls texted yesterday to say she's in hospital with a threatened miscarriage. She's 20 weeks and carrying twins. I immediately got in touch. Turns out that she'd had a pain in her abdomen - which she now knows was some sort of urinary infection. She then had period like pain which it turns out were contractions. Her midwife told her to get to hospital. When she got to there she was 2cm dilated. They got her on an antibiotic drip and gave her meds to stop the labour. She was not sure if she was going to keep the babies - who were still very much alive and kicking inside of her. As i've been having a strong stabbing, stitch like pain and some period pains, it got me really worried and i've had a nervy 24 hours.

I spoke to her husband this morning and things are looking much better. She and the babies could well be ok. I'm so relieved for her.

I'm not sure if i'm evil, but she's someone who's rarely in touch and who is really insensitive to others who've not reached the stage she has. Whenever she gets in touch i worry that i'm not doing a well as her and she MOANS about her pregnancy symptoms in a disingenuous way. I'm not sure how to explain it but it's sort of like showing off whilst pretending to be moaning... Whilst i'm really concerned for her and at then end of the phone for her and praying for a happy ending, i feel a little upset with her for sending panic around the group. Three of us are also pregnant and one lost her first pregnancy at 18 weeks and is 18 weeks with another pregnancy now.

I hope i don't sound mean. Should we be sensitive about telling scare stories? Maybe i've just got it wrong and we should be there for each other whatever? It could just be my issue...Anyway, it's looking like a happy ending for her, which is the main thing.

My cramps come and go. I'm just not sure if period pain type cramps are part of the deal or if i should be concerned. Also, the stitch - in the appendix area - was sharp enough to really take my breath away. I had a rub of my tum to try and shift TP if they were the cause and changed how I was lying and it eased off, so i'm less worried about that pain. I've had it a few times this week. TP's been a bit quiet too - if i'd been feeling him/her that is. If the cramps return i'll go to the hospital emergency room - which is the only place you can go here if you're pre 20 weeks and have any pregnancy issues. You can also see your Doctor but getting an appt might take a week or so! Great medical system we have!

Sorry for the vent. I'm doing ok really.

Saw SATC on Monday. Loved it. Look away now if you plan on seeing it but I agree with a nacomleavmo blogger i read this week. It was a real let down that having adopted, Charlotte had a happy ending natural pregnancy. Why wasn't adoption enough and why could she not have gone down the IVF route? Disappointing that the whole "adopt and you'll fall pregnant instantly" myth was perpetrated once again. I'm still getting the whole - "you'll probably get pregnant naturally now you're pregnant" stuff. I WON'T !!!! It's not physically possible so leave me alone!!

Also had a long Brothers and Sisters session with a friend. 2 episodes over dinner. Pure pleasure! Rob Lowe is just too gorgeous! I've loved him since the 80's when i watched About Last Night about a hundred times! Who's your crush?


Chris said...

I hope you are feeling better soon . . .


soapchick said...

Portia - I'm not really sure how to handle those types of situations. I have no experience there. I hope her babies are okay however. I hope you continue to do well too! Have a great weekend! It's boiling hot here, so I'm sure soon the heat will make it's away across the pond if it hasn't already.

Sweet Georgia said...

You are the first person I've seen in the IF world to have the same reaction as me to SATC. Why couldn't she have mentioned she'd had a procdure e.g. HCG/IVF that helped her rather than the "we just relaxed 'cause we adopted". Loved the movie - hated that scene.

As to the crush, definitely John Cusack - Sixteen Candles, and Say Anything.

Michelle said...

Thanks for visiting via NCLM :) Sorry to hear about your intruder, love that you've named him Mr. Tickle!!! I agree on the SATC..haven't seen it, but knowing that's in plot just peeves me. Have a great day!

Karen said...

Thanks for your comment in my blog. I just skimmed your blog for the last little bit and am enjoying it quite a bit, so you'll probably see me pop in from time to time.

like my post said today, I'm going to be moving, but Mel will have the new URL posted in the Lost and Found once it's all finalized and I'll post directions for how to reach me for it.

Good luck with TP!

DC said...

I'm glad your friend's OK. She does sound like kind of a snot, but I still wish her and her babies the best. ;)

Heather Johnson said...

Ugh. I'm not a SATC fan to begin with, but THAT bit just ticks me off.

I DO love Brothers and Sisters although not for Rob Lowe ... for me, it's the guy who plays Justin - he's such a hottie!

dropping by for NaComLeavMo - Hi!