Monday, June 02, 2008


It's been an eventful day already and it's only 3.30 in the afternoon.

At 6am, i was vaguely aware of noise in our flat and a window opening or closing. I assumed Mr G had got up ahead of me - as he does - and was moving around the flat. He hadn't. He was lying next to me. I must have fallen asleep as the next thing i knew, he was getting out of bed and pulling on some clothes. I drifted off again. Next thing, i heard him calling 999 - our emergency services - to report a burglary.

I was now awake.

I pulled on my pj bottoms. Previously a naked sleeper, I now sleep in a secret support vest top to try to prevent my new 36D's from sagging. I got up and Mr G - just finished calling the police - told me we'd had an intruder. All that the b**st**d had taken was my laptop, mouse and power cable! Mr G had caught sight of the thief running up the garden and over the fence with next door with my laptop under his sneaky, thieving, b**st**d arm.

The most amazing part was that he hadn't actually been inside. We have security gates on each window which we keep locked closed most of the time. Feels like a prison but makes me feel safe. Not so safe any more. The Evil Criminal (EC for short) had pulled up the sash window - not locked - and using two lengths of pipe, managed to lift my Apple Mac Power Book off its stand on my desk. The desk is at least 3 or 4 feet from the window. He'd got it over to him and pulled it through the bars. And, get this, he'd even closed the window!!! He'd even managed to unplug the power cable from its socket and take that.

I actually think we were burgled by this man because i sure as anything couldn't have done that. He also did it in about 10 minutes flat.

With a talent like that, he'd make more money in a circus!

Anyway, the police were with us in 5 minutes, took notes and told us the Scene of Crime people would be along later. They left and we sat - a bit shell shocked - waiting until i could ring our insurer, banks and whoever else.

As the flipping thing had been left on overnight, i'm now worried that EC/Mr Tickle may pretend to be me. You have been warned to watch out for random posts!

I actually feel very lucky because -

1. my gorgeous husband had backed up the entire contents of my computer last night - which was why it was still on.
2. I was allowed by my insurer to go out and immediately buy a new MacBook Pro - which is what i'm typing on
3. All my data is now on the new laptop;
4. we weren't hurt;
5. Mr Tickle didn't steal a silver photo frame on the window ledge that my late father had given me; and
6. Mr Tickle wasn't here earlier, when i went to the bathroom - in only my vest - which is what tends to happen these days as i can't get through the night without answering nature's call.

I'm now really enjoying nacomleavmo and have loved the comments. If you're visiting today - have you been burgled or had anything you love stolen from you?


soapchick said...

How SCARY! I have never been robbed thankfully. Kudos to your hubby for backing up your data!

tryingin2007 said...

oh man! what a drag! I've been robbed a few times in my life. one time the guy only took some of my undies (creepy stalker I think.) it still is a terrible feeling.

thank god for good insurance.

JuliaS said...

How awful and terrifying!

When dh and I were newlyweds in college someone broke into my Jetta and stole my speakers. They ruined the passenger door doing it (punched a hole in the door below the handle with a screwdriver to unlock it) but took care to unscrew each screw holding my JBL 100 watt Grand Touring 6x9's and remove them from the speaker housing. I felt completely violated in a sense. Didn't help I had dropped my wedding ring down the sink that morning before I left for work also.

For as long as we had the car afterward - dh had to open it up for me from the inside.

Bee Cee said...

Sorry about the b*stard awful. Not had anything of value stolen other than boyfriends!

Almamay said...

Portia, how scary for you and DH! I'm so glad that you are both OK. xoxo

Anonymous said...

How horrible! I would be out of my mind if someone took my laptop. I am glad you were able to get it replaced so quickly.

Oh, I think my favourite kitchen tool are my mixers, all 3 of them!

Rebecca said...

I can't believe that happened to you! Who would have thought that someone could do that? I'm glad you're okay and try to take it easy!

Steph said...

How scary!! Our house was robbed but during the day when we weren't home. They took a lot of stuff. :(

Thank goodness all he cared about was your computer and he didn't want to hurt you or your husband!!

seriously? said...

Here from NCLM. I have never been robbed, I am sorry that it happend to you. Mr. Tickle is cute, could you really be mad at him?

Lauren said...

Yikes! How awful!

I've never had anything stolen thank God. I'm glad your hubby had backed up your laptop!

JJ said...

Oh my goodness!! So glad YOU all are ok--blasted burglar! Like My Reality, I would go batty without my laptop-so glad you got it replaced fast!

Betty M said...

What a horrible thing to have happen. Glad it was just the laptop and nothing else.

Shinejil said...

Oh, Mr. Tickle! Has it really come to this? A life of crime?

Not to make light of what was a terrifying situation. You're dealing with the shock very gracefully.

I once had all my money stolen in a remote, forsaken, drunken little town in a cold corner of Asia. I was stranded there for days, wondering if it was time to give up and settle down for good.

DC said...

I'm so glad you and the hubby are OK. How scary!

My ex-husband stole everything I owned (including my beloved dog). Does that count? ;)

Chas said...

Yikes! That is a fear of mine!!

I have never been burgled, but when I was in 8th grade I had my beloved panda coin ring (these were very popular at the time) stolen out of my gym locker by another girl in my class. Everyone had these rings, but mine was a little different, and I knew she'd taken it. I never proved though...dang it...still makes me mad.

alicia said...

soo scary! I am glad it all worked out though! thats a pretty happy ending to a burglery!

I have been robbed 5 times. Once when living with my paretns our whoel patio furniture set got stolen. When I was dating my husband our car got stolen and hten was recovered. Once married we lived in a condo that got robbed one night, all my musical instruments were taken. A few weeks later the same guys came back and robbed us again taking more of my musical equipment. So because I was so paranoid I put all my stuff into our car, our car got stolen a few weeks later. The police found the bad guys, got all our stuff back and then lost our stuff in the police warehouse. They accidently sold it on their auction, we were not reimbursed!

I hate being robbed! no fun, so I feel for you missy!

here from NaComLeavMo

Rachel said...

Oh that stinks! Someone once stole the rims and tires from my car. I was no longer driving the car and had planned to junk it after I sold the rims.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was such a compliment for a chef to think a cake I made looked good.

baby~amore' said...

how terrible . I was robbed of some very precious family keepsakes from my Grandmother once.

You must feel violated too. Beware he doesn't return for the new laptop or the other stuff you just mentioned .Did you have automatic logins on your computer - better change the passwords.

What a great hub you have backing up everything

baby~amore' said...

oops forgot to mention I'm here from NaComLeavCom
Best of luck on your journey to Multiply
My Little Drummer boys
warm regards

Bea said...

Nasty! And also, fiendishly clever. The bastard. Hope there wasn't anything vital on that laptop you didn't have a backup of...


shawna said...

What a scary story. At least he was not able to actually get in. I have only had my car broken into and the creep stole my ashtray full of change. I was way more pissed about the ashtray than the money because it costs $100 to replace.

seussgirl said...

Yikes! I'm glad there was no harm,and he didn't get anything more!
My husband and I each had a bike stolen in college; and I had an extra seat stolen. My bike was stolen on the first day of finals, and it was my transportation to class - not a great way to start the day!
Loving NCLM!

Kim said...

Oh my! How scary. Glad everyone is okay and that your stuff was backed up!

Katt said...

Wow, that really sucks! Getting a new MacBook is awesome, but the way it happened definitely sucks!

Panamahat said...

How awful for you. And how lucky that your computer was backed up that night! {making mental note to self to do same}. I have never been robbed and consider myself fortunate in the extreme.

I see your comment receiving has picked up somewhat since last week, and you are enjoying NCLM more.

My comment receiving has dropped off this week, though my leaving has been about the same. I am enjoying the questions and videos and links to other sites that I find on random people's blogs - as well as their stories of course. But it does take ages to read through, so sometimes it is nice just to be able to comment on a clip or a show and tell.

I am imagining your walk on the Heath this week with some envy. I miss that. Enjoy your summer!

Dreams Come True said...

Wow! First, let me just say that is one "talented" burglar! I am very sorry that your laptop was stolen, but glad that he couldn't actually get in, for one. And that your data had been backed up and you now have a brand new laptop with all of your data on it!

Luckily (knock on wood) I've not been robbed before. I certainly hope that I never am!


Cece said...

OMG! That is crazy! But sounds like it's the best ending to a story that could have ended a heck of a lot worse. I've never been burgled, thank god.