Saturday, December 08, 2007

Am I just a big baby?

I'm very tearful at the moment. My Mum's off to Australia tomorrow to see my bro. She and my StepDad will be gone for TWO MONTHS!!! Made supper for them last night and will not see them again until FEBRUARY!!!

I'm all hormoned up on Meno.pur (day 5 today) and I can't bear the thought of getting through this cycle without my Mum for tearful early morning phone calls and general shoring me up after a sh*tty scan. My MIL's also off for 2 weeks on 20 December! Me and Mr G will be all alone for Xmas.

I still have Mr G for hugs and general husbandly sweetness, but sometimes this girl just needs her mummy. Does that make me a baby? Should a 39 yr old wannabee mum be grown up enough not to need her mum? Maybe i should be adult enough to stand on my own two size 39's. (Oooh, just realised that my age now matches my shoe size. When people tell me to act my age not my shoe size I can tell them I'm acting both)

Actually, it does let me off the pressure of having to report in when i'm Princess Irritable and my mum wants an update AND stops me feeling that i'm letting her down too. I'll just miss knowing she's at the end of the phone.

Cycle news - had a ridiculously early scan (4 days in) and they found.....surprise surprise, very little. Oestradiol is in the basement. I'm still bleeding - bit worried about that - might be the cyst wound healing. Went for emergency acupuncture today with electrode stimulation to the needles and am hoping for some action for Monday's scan.

Am drinking gallons of water and trying to eat lots of protein. I can do no more.

Must go - all this water...need to dash xx


Becks said...

Hiya honey, I too would be sad if my Mum wasn't around for a while.

The silver lining is that you may find this cycle is less stressful. I decided not to talk about this cycle with my family (although my mum saw my blog on EC day...d'oh. That'll teach me for telling them about my blog).....anyway, I have felt much better not having to answer questions, send loads of texts and generally never switching off from the cycle.

Right, enough of the waffle. Hope the next scan gets better, day 4 is sooo early. As you know I am here if you need me. Hugs xx

andi said...

Noooo... not a big baby... I think we never get over needing to lean on our mums. Tho I know that my mum now leans on us girls now her mum is dead. Cycle of life?? Why can't you come out to OZ for ten day in late Jan... weather will be fab and the fares get cheaper. Do it girl - do it. I am glad you are hot on my heels for the cycle. Fingers crossed for yr Monday scan.

CAM said...

No matter what the age, a girl sometimes just needs her mom! Especially at a time when you are feeling vulnerable. Turn this into a time about focusing on YOU and keeping yourself healthy - mind and body!

Bea said...

It's a tough time to be without your mum. Definitely time to start researching the cheapest phone rates UK to Oz.