Friday, December 21, 2007

Thank heaven for blogger girls

What would I do without the support of the blogger girls?

I've had some really good advice from so many of you. Thank you so much. In particular, thanks Thalia for your experienced feedback. It does seem possible to combine new job and new clinic.

All I've got to do now is actually GET the job! They've sent me the HUGEST task to do for the next interview. I have to write so several features worth of recipes and then go in and cook three of them for them to try!! It seems a little cheeky for such a junior role (which it is) but they'll definitely know if I can write and cook! It'll give me a very good idea of the job too. Best thing about it is that I truly love leafing through food mags and cookery books and planning recipes, so it doesn't feel remotely like work. I'm planning to spend most of today doing it. I'm working tonight - teaching at a new cookery school, which should be interesting.

I've had a weird week. V up and down. Cried on the phone to my Mummy in Australia. I was doing really well being upbeat and calm about events of the last couple of weeks but something just triggered the tears and out they came...and I thought i'd been doing so well. That opened a Pandora's box of emotion and I've continued to blub on and off at inappropriate moments. I suppose it's to be expected.

I'm also having a bit of a hard time with the various BFP's which seem to be plentiful at the moment. Don't get me wrong, i'm pleased for all the lucky ladies and am encouraged by them, but I feel so left behind. It's been MONTHS since my last proper cycle and i'm not a woman with months left in her reproductively!!! Part of me wants to go running back to Dr Big Hair and beg him to let me cycle AT ONCE! I suppose it's better to give my ovaries a month to calm down after they had a week of heavy duty stimming....but I just want to feel that i'm DOING SOMETHING!!!

Mr G and I have also had a few fights. He's stressed with work and (probably) with our failed cycle. The way things have worked out - with his work and our next (hoped for) cycle we're not going to get a holiday and we really could do with one. We're being brave, but neither of us are that happy about being all alone in London this festive period with his folks and mine off visiting our siblings in foreign parts. It's just too bad and we're old enough to know better, but it's another downer.

Enough whinging! I'm sorry for (what's turned into) a mammoth vent.

I have had some good bits this week. I met up with the very lovely and impressive Almamay (of Almamay dot blogspot dot com - apologies for my rubbish inability to include a link) this week. We had supper at a very nice restaurant in X and then went to a grobby (ie: full of old men with no teeth watchng soccer on a big screen) pub for more talking. We could've talked for days. If it was a date i'd have definitely thought i was well in! I'm sure we'll meet again - perhaps she could teach me how to post links etc!!

Right - time to plan some recipes! Well done to the BFP's and a BIG hug to those less fortunate. Go give Becks (One Miracles Needed) a lot of love after her 3rd BFN. Good luck to those still waiting. xx


Bea said...

Well, it's a coincidence that I posted today wondering if anyone had any low-GI snack recipes for women who are pregnant or trying. (Warning, pregnancy talk at start of post.)

Those with PCOS insulin resistance, gestational diabetes or an insatiable hormonal appetite (pregnant/IVF'd up) seem lost for snack ideas that won't destabilise the blood glucose. You probably couldn't give me a recipe to publish online if you're submitting it for an interview, but it might be an idea for you to cook something up with. Ha. Ha. And you could raise the issue of infertility in your article that way, too. Heck, I'd even do a free interview ;)

Anyway, just an idea to throw at you. If you do have a recipe you want to include, let me know.


Rebecca said...

Good luck with your job interview...that is a lot of pressure! I really hope you do well.

Melanie said...

That sounds like a wonderful job; almost like getting up in the morning and going to fun instead of work. Very best of luck to you. And I'm sorry about the disapointment. It does seem like there are buckets of positives out there in cyberworld and those of us with nothing positive to report just sort of wallow. Something's gotta give! Best.

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

I also have found all of the BFPs difficult, despite the fact that I am incredibly happy for them (of course.) And holiday season is always tough. Try to do something wonderful to provide a bit of a distraction!


Carrie said...

My favourite meal (and yes, I do class this as a meal) is a cheddar cheese; salt and vinegar crisps and lurpak sandwich. Yum, yum, yum! You may be able to gather some info on my cooking skills from this! Luckily my husband cooks.

I'm sorry things have gone so badly this time. I think Christmas just magnifies emotions and, obviously, when you are having a rough patch that makes it appear even worse.

I'm having a problem with the BFP too. Others getting them, me failing. It can be hard to accept, makes me wonder if it'll ever happen.

Hope you and your husband manage to get through the festivities

Anonymous said...

I think July and December are the times to cycle. It seems like this year and last year, most everyone got pregnant in July and December.

I would love to see the recipes you come up with. If you don't post them, maybe you could email them??

andi said...

Hi there,

Sydney IVF gives you two injections of HCG during the two week wait - instead of Progesterone. The one they use is Pregnyl - it is the trigger shot basically. I googled it - and they have been a few studies - and it seems to come out on top compared to pessaries and prog injections. I would have said before today - it keeps you on a more even keel than prog - but I had a complete crying fit this morning - the whole box and dice. Sobbing like a baby - convinced this cycle is not going to work - and I have no evidence to back it up. A little bit of cramping - and I had thrown in the towel.

Weather in Melb over chrissy - has been lovely - back up to Sydney on Friday. Beta is 31st of Dec!!!!!

Hope you have had a nice few days off. And I am really hoping you score that job - it sounds fab.