Sunday, December 09, 2007

How many MORE problems this cycle throw up?

I'm sitting with a hot water bottle on my tum and Come on the television and i'm STRESSED!!!

It's hardly begun and this cycle just keeps on throwing crap at me. Normally, things are relatively peaceful at this stage. A few jabs and headaches, but no real issues until we hit the the tears and tantrums whilst I wait for a few tiny follicles to pop out. I'm generally fairly (give or take a few scary moments) cool that we'll run the whole way to transfer - at least I am at this stage!

This time, it's been one thing after another. First the "just in by the skin of my teeth" timing of the last two periods, then the appearance of that cyst and the fun and games of the aspiration and antibiotic "clear out". Once I started stimming I thought that'd be it until the fun and games of scan time, but guess what? I'm BLEEDING!!! I've been googling for England and I can't find any mention of why this might happen. All i know is that if much more comes out (sorry to be so graphic) i'll have a lining as thick as a wafer - and I don't mean a Kit Kat.

Mr G has said just take it as it comes - he's right, and i'm trying to be cool. If it doesn't happen now then there's next month or the month after etc, but I really hope i haven't injected 6 day's of Meno.pur (and 100's of £'s) into my tummy for nothing.

I've had 2 BFP's in my immediate circle this week - one girl from the MindBody group I mentored. It was her third try and it was at the controversial clinic I couldn't stick with. The other is a girl I met through writing the column I wrote about IV.F in a newspaper. She got in touch and we're now friends. It was her 7th treatment. She'd had 6 fresh cycle andn one FET. A few cycles ago i'm not sure how happy i could have been for her, but you know what? I'm actually really pleased. If she can do it then that gives me hope. She's v worried as she had an ectopic in an earlier cycle, but it's a reasonable beta. I'd just love to join her.

I'm trying to be positive, and I'm not doing badly, I just think it could take us a few more goes at this.

Well done all my Cyclesistas - can't believe how many of my girlies are cycling with me this month! x


Rebecca said...

I don't know if this will help, but when I was stimming, I started spotting (not bleeding) and my doc told me that would calm down as my Estrogen went up. He was soon as my estrogen started to increase, no spotting. Had my retrieval yesterday, so finger crossed...good luck!

Almamay said...

Lovely Portia,

I hope this cycle has a turn for the best and things become much less stressful.

Waiting Amy said...

Same here. My last 2 stims I was spotting until my estrogen went up. The first time didn't really go very well, but the second went very well. SO, hang in there!

JJ said...

Hope the stress goes AWAY--or at least calms down a lot.
You've got lots of hope coming to you from across the pond!

Knock Me Up said...

That really sucks. Why oh why can't anything be simple and straight-forward. I'm sorry you are in this predicament. When do you go back? Can you call and ask why this might be happening.

Hang in there.