Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ow, ow, OWWW!

Firstly, thank you so much all of you for your birthday greetings. Funnily enough, i've not had too much of a problem with 39. I think it's because so many of my mates have been turning 40, i feel relatively young. This time next year might not be quite the smooth ride...

It's been a busy old day. Mr G and I went into the clinic expecting quite a long day - a scan and the seaweed fest - but it became a marathon. We traipsed into the "check-you-out scan" (before which you shall not pass go) where a medical student stood staring whilst I succumbed to the coozie-cam. Funny how each Dr has a different method for getting you into position. This one (a tiny more than middle aged lady) who was perfectly nice, had me lie with my feet on the table next to my bo.ttom. I'd waited a long time for my turn (for a change) and so was a bit full in the bladder. She said she'd try to scan anyway as i'd need a full bladder for the dilation.

I normally breeze through this scan but today (of course) a cyst loomed big a black on the screen sitting on my right ovary. As she wanted a good look at the left, I had to get off the table, go empty my bladder and return for more camera action. The left one was clear, but we now had an issue. We could not start stims with the cyst in situ and I HAD to start stims today. Little old lady doc went off to ask her colleagues for their advice. Flippin' typical. Anway, I was muttering to Mr G it was "game over" for this month when she returned and said she couldn't find anyone to ask and we'd need to go back to reception and did we have time to wait? Too darned right we had time. I'd wait all day if it meant getting on with this cycle.

We sat down, waited an age, chased the receptionist - who'd forgotten we were there - and then finally saw another Doc. This time the pretty young lady doc, who was lovely. Said i'd need to have the cyst aspirated which she could do there and then (in theatre) and also do the dilation. Good news....I thought....

I disrobed, again, and put on a hospital gown before going into theatre. Pretty young lady doc (PYL) was helped by two lovely nurses who chatted away and held my hand as I had the most painful procedure i've had so far. They pump in some local anaesthetic before sticking a needle on the coozie cam and sucking out the cyst. I think it's effectively egg collection. She had to go in several times. First the needle wasn't right, then the darned thing wouldn't suck, then the pipe was clogged. Each time was REALLY uncomfortable and I was breathing deeply for England to try and deal with it and not move.

In contrast, the seaweed (Di.lapan) insertion was a breeze, although the two bullets (pain relief and antib.iotic) the nurse then shoved up my a. ss were fairly unwelcome.

I was taken back to a hospital bed and lay in a state of mild shock, feeling all a bit dishevelled really. I had some cramping from the seaweed but it faded after about an hour - maybe less. I was actually quite glad i'd had the cyst done because it meant I had a bed for the four hours I then had to wait for the seaweed to do its stuff. Mr G went out to a fab foodie place for goats cheese and chutney sandwich on gorgeous seeded bread. (My appetite was fortunately unaffected!)

When the seaweed came out - PYL had to pull it out by a string - it was like an amber coloured stick of jelly. It was in a weird L shape - probably because i'm a weird L shape.

Now i'm home and ready to start injecting this very night. We are a go. All a bit sudden but definitely not too soon!


JJ said...

SO happy its a GO! Sending you happy thoughts!

Becks said...

Good grief what a day!! You get more than you bargained for with your clinic!!

So glad you are starting tonight hun xx

andi said...

Hello there - wow what a day for you. But a good outcome - thank the lord.

Maybe I was overstating things when I said the aussies do it better. And also I am comparing the NHS (even tho we paid) with a posh, very private v-expensive sydney clinic.

I like the only cycling on a month when your fsh is low (even tho I have read the jury is out on whether it helps or not). I also like that you have your own doctor (again compared to nhs)- and the clinic is so good with bloods and scans.

I don't know - the proof is in the take home baby - after all.

Cost wise - it is about 8 thousand aussie dollars - and you get about half back from medicare/government. soooo it is a bit less than 2 thousand pounds and that includes drugs etc. Sooooo cheap compared to UK.

Welll sorry this is sooo long. Really hoping it works this time my dear.

Anonymous said...

Ow does sound about right. I am glad you get to get this cycle going!

Duck said...

Good to see you're starting to stim! Isn't it creepy how the cysts loom on the big screen like some sort of toxic blob out of star trek.....
Good luck with your cycle

Malky B. said...

Sorry the cyst removal was so painful. Yey, to starting stims.

Bea said...

Yes, it sounds exactly like egg retrieval, but without the egg! Ow is not the word.

I feel like I've got a bit behind, because I'm not quite sure what the seaweed is supposed to do for you. You've probably explained this before... could you point me to that post?


Carrie said...

My goodness, what an ordeal! I've heard of the seaweed before a (late)ERPC so I suppose it is quite a tested method. I'm surprised the cervix stays open so long though. Glad you have a clinic who know how to treat you.
The procedure for the cyst. Ouch! Still, compared with a delay, I think it's the right thing to do. Very brave. Hope it is all worth every bit of this. Hope it all goes well.

calliope said...

wow. what a long day.
happy injecting!

CAM said...

Yea! This is good news. Wishing you happy cycling!

m said...

wow. I am a little dizzy after reading your post. Sorry the day was so long but happy that your journey is beginning. Hi from another cyclesista.