Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Quick post as i should be getting dressed and ready to go for No 3 scan.

I'm a little nervous, but not nearly as nervous as I was on Monday when I was symptom-free all day. No nausea, no hunger, nothing. I spent half a day with Dr Google checking out sudden stoppage of pg symptoms. It didn't look good. Many sites telling me that it was a sign of m/c - can't even write the words here, too superstitious.

Anyway, I felt a little worse yesterday - return of ravenous moments and marginal nausea. As I was working in a friend's kitchen making canapes all day, it was good not to feel too bad. This morning, not only am I dog tired but also back into the whole nausea thing AND seem to have heartburn from my Weet.abix and banana breakfast. Mr G's delighted with my ailments. Especially as he has to fly off to Denma.rk and Sw.eden on a business trip just after our appointment and was terrified he'd be leaving a distraught wife.

I'm anxious but not scared stiff.

I'll write more later. With three husband free days, i'll have lots of time to bring you up to speed.

A huge hug to Almamay who's suffered another BFN. She doesn't deserve this s**t. Life's so f'ing unfair.

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soapchick said...

Good luck Portia. It will be fine....and we'll keep you company while hubby is away.