Saturday, March 08, 2008

My bum does look big in this

It's been a funny few days. I've been asked twice if i'm pg. Weird. I'm starting to worry i've put on way too much weight during this cycle.

On Thursday, I was helping out at a synagogue function. A lady in her 60's and I were washing up in the kitchen. I said how hungry I was as I shovelled a chocolate brownie in my mouth. She asked when I was due. I looked so horrified and said "what?!!" in such an amazed way, that she must have assumed she'd done that calling the fat bird pg thing. She was obviously mortified, quickly backtracked and totally changed the subject. I was wearing a fairly smocky dress and my tummy is a bit swollen after the jabs, but omg! If i'd not been so early on in this and had i known her better I might have put her out of her misery

Today, our electrician came to fix something for us. We've known him a while and he knows we've been trying. I'd just got up (it was early) and was wearing a big sweatshirt and loose trousers. He saw me and said - "Have you something to tell me? Have you got some news?". Mr G just looked at me helplessly and I said actually yes, we do but it's really early days. The electrician (who's so lovely) was mortified that he said such a thing. I'm now 100% paranoid that i'm a fat heffer.

Mr G didn't help when he said my bottom IS bigger. Surely he's been married long enough to know the answer to the bottom question is always a no, even if the said posterior is the size of a bus. He said it's probably all the gestone we're injecting. AS IF!!!!

Never mind. At least I AM pg and not being asked by people randomly. Nonetheless, i'm clearly not going to be one of those gorgeous girls who doesn't look pg from behind and whose tiny bump disappears as soon as she's dispensed her cute little bundle. I'll just have to eat heathily and start exercising again once i've got over this humongous tiredness.

The clinic have stopped testing my hcg. I got to the 14,000's last week and they said to come in on Monday for a scan. They may or may not do the IVI.g on Monday, depending on what they find in there. I'm pretty nervous and positive I have fewer symptoms today.... I wish we were able to know what's going on in there. A little window perhaps....


Leah said...

From where I am sitting, you look FABULOUS. Gorgeous. Stunning. Even a bit too thin, perhaps. Don't you let those people (including your hubby) tell you any different!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are just radiant and glowing and it has nothing to do with anything else.

Bea said...

Good luck for the scan.

As for the weight - don't write it off yet. I was bloated with mild OHSS for a few weeks - looked about 4-5 months - and then at about 10 weeks I started packing on the weight quite quickly. But then it didn't last long, and now people are saying I look tiny. The next thing, mind you, will be fluid retention. So there you go - you can never tell how you'll end up. I say be comfortable!

Also, I agree that people pick up on non-weight cues (like eating!). The glowy skin thing starts earlier than you expect, and the change in attitude from infertile to pregnant can be such a clue.


Carrie said...

Even if you have (and I'm not suggesting you have!) but on a few pounds. So what, in the great scheme of things it matters not a bit. Just you look after yourself.

I hope you are keeping calm about the scan. I know the excitement/anxiety a scan brings. Hope after you get a glance of those babies (I'm sure it will be twins!) you'll not care a bit about people's comments.

tryingin2007 said...

my butt, hips and thighs are huge! instead of growing up and out I'm expanding sideways. I've officially gained 10 lbs now and I weigh more than DH. scary stuff. b says "hopefully it's only baby weight."