Friday, March 28, 2008

Threading rocks!

The threading was fantastic! Not too painful - not nearly as painful as an iv being inserted or my daily Cl.exane jab. I'm sure i'm better at pain now after so many jabs.

I've ended up with lovely neat brows and (i'm almost embarassed to admit) a much smoother top lip. I haven't exactly got a 'tache but I do get a bit self-conscious on a sunny day. It was done in minutes. i also had a manicure but later that day had a minor panic about nail varnish and took it all off - whilst holding my breath so I didn't breath in any chemicals. Nutter!!

Yesterday I finished off the major defuzz with a trip to my beautician for a bit of waxing. All areas are now smooth and hair free. Not really sure why I bothered. The only time i get my legs out at the moment is for my scans and i'm not sure the Doc is studying my hair growth - or at least I hope not.

My beautician is lovely. We've been together since before I married Mr G so she did all my wedding prep - facials, waxing etc - and gave me lots of advice. She got pg on her first month of trying but miscarried early in 2007 Once she tried again it took maybe 3 months and she's now a month off giving birth. She looks great. I've avoided her for a while as I couldn't face seeing how pg she was. She knows all about my IVF history. When I told her yesterday that I was v newly pg she gave me a huge hug. It was good not to feel so down at her happiness.

I also told my Uncle yesterday. He's my late father's brother and we're very close. He was delighted and amazed. He said he thought it wasn't going to happen. He of little faith. I said it's v v early days and we're still in the danger zone but it was good to make him happy.

I met my Uncle in a cafe i used to visit all the time. There was a girl in there who i recognised from the studio where I used to do Pilates. I went a few times a week pre-wedding to get in shape. It was amazing - Pilates really makes a huge difference. I was also about 20lbs lighter. Anyway, this girl was on the same track and got married about 6 months after me. She was in the cafe yesterday with her newish baby. It still rocked me a little that she'd gone straight through and had her child whilst I'm still en route. I felt very grateful that i have the passenger at least or that would've ruined my day.

My ex-nurse friend (she trained as a chef with me after she left nursing) was amazing at the ge.stone shot! I want to go there every day! So professional and almost zero pain! I think i need to ask her to give Mr G lessons. I also discovered that standing up and not lying face down on the bed is the way to go.

Finally, I can't believe there's yet more tragic news. Busted Babymaker's loss of her twins at 23 weeks is horrific. Life is so f'ing unfair. I'm not sure i'd be standing if that had happened to me. I'm praying for her to have the strength she needs to make it through this.


soapchick said...

I agree, threading totally rocks! I get my uppper lip done too Portia! No big deal. I have blond hair on my upper lip, so laser won't work. Threading every 2 weeks or so does the trick!

Peace, health and happiness to you!

Anonymous said...

I hate threading. I can handle the pain from waxing, plucking, epilating and just about anything else to get rid of hair, but threading sucks.