Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not all moaning round here

I forgot to mention a couple of things that might make you smile.

My gorgeous DH is now treating me like an invalid. I'm not allowed to do anything. He now does the supermarket shop without me which involves at least 3 phone calls to check he's buying the right thing. Tonight i've answered queries on cheese, tinned tomatoes and breaded fish. Somehow the shop always costs quite a bit more than when I was doing it. This isn't going to last - especially since (call me weird but) I actually quite enjoy a mooch round the supermarket.

Second. We've been creating memories that will last a lifetime but possibly not ones i'll treasure exactly. Since we gave up the EM.LA with my nightly shot we've been using ice. I don't actually have any ice trays at the moment so I was freezing a little dish of water to put on my butt pre jab. Forgot to freeze it the other night so I had to search the freezer for a suitable substitute. The smallest item was a frozen banana muffin. I'm not sure my s.ex appeal will ever recover since Mr G will always have the picture of me lying face down on the bed with a muffin on my behind.

BTW, the Doc said it would be ok to use EM.LA still. Even so, i'm just not prepared to risk it. I've surprised myself with my extremely cautious behaviour. No perfume, hair colour nor, worst of all, tuna!! A tiny sacrifice on the scale of things.

ps: Carrie - thanks for your offer. Yes I am a Mac user. Please, please help me get out of blogger dunce school!!!


Fertilized said...

WOW- great husband!

Bea said...

That's so sweet of your hub. Tell him not to peak too early, though - there'll be a lot more help wanted in the future!

As for the blogging through this stage - it is a transition and you'll have to navigate it one step at a time. You might not want to blog regularly. Please drop us a line every now and again to let us know how it goes at the least!


Foreverhopeful said...

What a sweetie your hubby is. :)

tryingin2007 said...

what a sweet husband you have. I wish mine would do our grocery shopping. oh, I take that comment back. if b did all the shopping we would have nothing but chicken wings, spaghetti-Os, and chopped sirloin.

and I'm a vegetarian!

PJ said...

I just found your blog on lost and found and wanted to say congrats on your pregnancy!

We have male factor issues, so it is always nice to hear from the other side! The successful side!

I also enjoy a mooch around the supermarket. :)