Tuesday, May 20, 2008

20 May already

Been a while since my last post. I've actually been quite busy working! I've seen quite a lot of this Believe it or not, in my restaurant critic capacity, I judged a hummus making competition on Sunday. I had to sample 33 different hummuses (hummi??). i've also been teaching people how to make it. I'm not sure when i'll be ready to eat any more chickpea dip.

I've also been teaching and doing some more writing as well as sorting out the odds and sods of our imminent holidays. I'm really struggling with holiday clothes. I need to have another trawl through my summer wardrobe, but i fear i'm to large for much the old stuff. I bought some swimsuits - TWO sizes bigger than my usual - and most have gone back. I think I may just take one of these the blue will go with my eyes.

Been snivelling a lot through my favourite dramas. Brothers and Sisters (second season) is just fantastic. I cry every week. Desperate Housewives is also good although i'm not sure if a few weeks ago i'd have been able to stomach the baby stuff going on the moment. Mr G and I watched "PS I Love You" at the weekend which was ok but another snivel fest. We were exhausted by the end.

Actually, there was a bit I REALLY identified with - look away now if you plan on seeing the film - which was when our heroine was away with her 2 best friends. One was pg and the other newly engaged. Our heroine was newly widowed and childless. They were both bubbling over with their good news and couldn't wait to be alone so they could really enthuse with each other. Our heroine was clearly mortified. She just closed off and one of her BF's later had a go that she couldn't just be happy for her. I think we've all been there.

Struggling friendships are something that i'm reading a lot about in blogland and something close to my heart at the moment. There are a few of my close friendships that i'm not sure have survived IF. I seem to be closer to some of the girls i've met since the IF journey began. I've felt quite let down by some of my girlfriends but haven't been able to broach this with them. I'm not sure our friendships will ever recover, but perhaps that's just time moving on.


TP has reached the grand old age of 16 weeks. Never did I think i'd get this far and i'm still counting my blessings.

We had an ante-natal appointment this morning with the NHS consultant. After we'd negotiated our way round the immensely rude other staff there we saw the MOST lovely man. Mr John Smith (almost a comedy name) who heads up the Pink Team at St Mary's. Each team has a colour. I'm very happy to be in the pink. One of my favourite colours.

He was wearing a pink shirt and socks and could not have been nicer. After asking about my history he immediately worked out the clinic that had got us our BFP. He didn't raise any brows or sneer at the drugs i've been taking and he was happy to let our IF Clinic carry on prescribing the Clexane for me. He also thinks i should stay on folic acid due to my positive MTHFR.

He told me my uterus is now up close to my navel! Wow. I thought it was just fat belly. Go TP. He plonked his doppler just below my belly button and we got TP's magical beats immediately. I LOVE that sound. It always reassures me no end. Next appt is our 20 week scan. I so hope all's ok...


JJ said...

Happy 16 weeks, Portia!

Chas said...

If you're looking for a good swimsuit, you should check OldNavy.com's maternity section. Theirs are really cute!