Friday, May 30, 2008

I think I can feel TP


Thanks for the comments girls. Glad i'm not alone here!

I'm not sure and perhaps it really is too early but i'm getting little flickers inside from TP. I thought you were meant to get the feeling when you lay down on your back, but I seem to get it when i'm upright. It's probably wind or some other charming ailment!

Did i mention we have not one but two dopplers? We caved and bought one a few weeks ago. I feel a little embarassed to admit to owning one. My mother was very down in the idea. My BF sneered and said i'm the only person she'd EVER heard of getting one. I explained they're more common in the IF community.

The second one was given to us by a friend of MR G. We met up with him down in Mallorca. He lives out there with his wife and they've got 2 IVF children. She got severe OHSS both times and was hospitalised. They've been through all of that together and have been married 10 years. They've just decided to separate. Mr G was really upset about it. Seems very sad to me. I met her too and they make a really lovely couple.

Anyway, he brought us their doppler and said they listened every night. We've only been using ours every few days or so. We'd not taken it away as i figured what would we do if we had a problem. Anyway, once we had one in our hands it was too tempting not to have a cheeky listen. As we had no gel, we improvised with some of the hotel freebie shampoo! It worked and we got to hear the best sound in the world.

Mr G doesn't like me listening on my own, but i have had the very occasional sneaky go when i'm a bit nervous.

I hope i have been feeling TP and i hope there's lots more.


Sam said...

Returning your NCLM comment and commiserating about lack of comments - I am feeling a bit that way too, especially when I see that that there are people out there (Pioneer Woman for example) can regularly rack up hundreds!!

Anyway - enjoy listening to the heartbeats!!

Katie said...

Visiting from NCLM and wanted to say congrats on feeling TP. I'm sure it's the baby and not just gas :) What an amazing feeling that must be

Duck said...

congrats! getting a doppler is totally sane in my world.

Chas said...

I think if I had a doppler I'd probably become obsessed and never put it down.

calliope said...

ooooh! two dopplers sounds like all sorts of fun.
Congrats on feeling TP and on being able to hear baby as often as you want to.

Stopping in from nacomleavmo!
(& just a thought about the comments- if you allow anonymous you might get a few more. Not everyone has a gmail or blogspot account...just a suggestion!)

andi said...

Hello my dear - I am soooo pleased everything is going so well - and also hope you are feeling your amazing cargo!! Go whatever makes you feel at peace - I reckon.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on feeling TP!

Kim said...

Congrats on your pregnancy and feeling movement! I was addicted to my doppler but I just rented it until about 30 weeks. Then I was feeling so much movement that I was comfortable without it. Here from NCLM

Pepper said...

Visiting from NCLM and of course you need the doppler! Maybe you should give your BF a listen. I'm sure that would change her opinion immediately.

momofonefornow said...

Here from NCLM.

Congrats on TP movement. I think the first time I finally felt my baby fidget was probably the best day of my life. It just makes it really, really real!

Momma Mary said...

I hope that you have been feeling your little person! I felt mine really early. And he's quite strong. So be careful with that!

here from nclm

Amanda said...

NCLM here...

I didnt know if I had felt my baby kick until she did it during a sonogram! Then we could see her and I could feel her! It's hard when you dont know what you're feeling or what it should be like. Oh, and I think it's cool you got a doppler, I wish I'd had one.