Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back from hols

Original title, hey?!

It's late, i've just come in from teaching 8 beginners to make plaice in a lime and parsley crust, salt and balsamic potato wedges and dark chocolate and walnut cookies. I love them dearly, but they're hard work! I ate a large number of cookies and wedges so i'm pretty full too.

We came back yesterday from Mallorca. The day before we flew, i googled the 5 day forecast. It was rain, rain, rain. My mood plummeted and i removed most of my summer gear from my suitcase and packed an umbrella. It was every bit as bad - weather-wise as the forecast and we were even treated to thunder and lightning!

Now I'm a total sun queen and was in dark mood as we left and when we arrived to clouds but Mr G and I actually had the BEST time. It was like a second honeymoon. No, actually, it was probably better than our honeymoon. We chilled out, laughed til we cried more than once and generally enjoyed being together. We even resurrected our s*x life, which has been almost entirely non-existent since the start of this last iVF cycle. Between G.estone injections, fear of dislodging TP, nausea and general lack of interest, we haven't had much in the way of intimacy. It was great to get it on again. (Sorry for TMI - especially if you've only just found me via NaComLeavMo!

Anyway - Mallorca is covered in lush green vegetation including heaps of fruit laden orange and lemon trees. It looks SO pretty. Our hotel was gorgeous and best of all, we were upgraded for the second two nights as the blind in our room was broken when we arrived. Our upgraded room was a penthouse with its own roof terrace and HUGE bath tub surrounded by windows looking out onto the surrounding mountains. When we walked into the penthouse we were beside ourselves with excitement. I'm almost embarassed to say that I felt so full of emotion at having such a fantastic time with my darling boy that I cried with happiness. First time i've done that in many, many months - no make that years!

I still have a dark corner of my mind that remembers being this happy before IF took over our lives and is worried this will be taken away from me again. Am i really allowed to feel this good?

RE my clinic. You may recall they wanted me to repeat my NK cells bloods to see if i needed more IVI.g. They called yesterday to book me in for the IVI.g. A minimum £1400 procedure - and most likely more. I asked if they'd had the results of the bloods and they said no. What are they up to?!!! Anyway, it turns out they HAD got the results but hadn't reviewed them. They asked me to come in for a scan first thing this morning when they'd check the results and decide if I needed IVI.g. To cut a long and boring story short - we scored a sneaky look at TP - bless - who seems to be doing ok and then waited nearly 2 hours to be told I didn't need IVI.g. My NK cells are ok again. I was pleased to be released but mildly irritated to have lost 2 hours of my day sitting in a waiting room. Still, on the scale of things I figure i'm still doing pretty ok.

Oh! I bumped into a friend and cycle buddy at the clinic. She's immensely private and hadn't told me she was cycling again. She was shocked to bump into me but admitted she'd got a positive beta yesterday. That has MADE me day. I can't stop thinking about her. I know it's early days - especially as she lost her last IVF baby at 9 weeks - but its a strong positive. I so hope it sticks.


My Reality said...

Welcome home!

soapchick said...

Glad you are back and had a raving time (especially the sex part!) even with the rain. I can't wait to go back to Mallorca's been way too long.

I hope your friend's beta keeps doubling and leads to a healthy baby!

Knock Me Up said...

Happy to hear all looks good with TP and you didn't have to have another IVIg.

I'm even more happy to hear you had such a lovely time with your honey. Mallorca is such a lovely place. I spent a couple of weeks there a few years ago and was just invited back for July -- sadly I can't go, blech.

Take care.

Bea said...

Welcome home and yay about your NK cells.

Plus congrats to your cycle buddy.


Bee Cee said...

I have been so behind on comments...sorry.

Glad you had a great break, the hotel sounds fabulous.

Glad they didn't rob you of another £1400 too.