Saturday, May 31, 2008

Perhaps I was wrong...

I really enjoyed my visits to blogs new yesterday. I'm rubbish at remembering the names but at one I got to watch a video clip about Star Wars nerds that made me laugh out loud. Another played me music and another had me thinking about my favourite piece of kitchen equipment. Little things, but I really enjoyed the tour.

It's also making me post more so that my visitors - of which there are more now, thanks girls - are kept up to date.

The sun's shining here in London and i've had a lovely walk today on Hampstead Heath. I walked with the wife of one of my ex-bosses. He's a solicitor and i used to work for him when i was a legal beagle. I got on really well with both of them. We took her dog - a gorgeous lassie looking collie called Count Basie, Basie for short.

We bumped into a group of youngish (20 somethings) on the way. She knew one of them as he'd been very close to her son when they were growing up. She introduced him as Johnny. We chatted to him for a short while about a book she's about to publish about her son's drug addiction and bi-polar disorder (another story) in which Johnny's mentioned. He seemed nice enough. He was obviously in a band and said he's currently recording and it's going well. I assumed it's a hobby.

It was this man As we walked off she asked if i knew who he was. I said no and she told me he's Johnny Borrell the lead singer in Razorlight. I wouldn't have recognised him in a gazillion years and couldn't tell you a single Razorlight song. That makes me feel like my mother - AND i'm not even a mother!!!

Would you have known who he was?

Now, to steal an idea from another blog i visited and to give you something to comment on - what makes you feel old?


Chas said...

I have never heard of that band.

It makes me feel old when I watch college basketball and the players look like they could be 15 years old to me....yet, I know they're at least 20 or 21.

tryingtoconceive said...

OMG! (rubbing her eyes in disbelief) did someone just reference MY blog in HER blog?!? I'm so proud! I think you're the only other person who enjoyed that as much as me!

To answer your question ... I felt old last night. As we compiled a list of 'the top 10 (American) bar band songs of all time' and the band began to play them (American Pie, Piano Man, etc. etc. etc.) drunken scantily-clad 20 something ho bags began screaming "No 80s music!" at my friend's band. We old people sat back catching up and relaxing in the summer evening, enjoying an overpriced bottle of wine and going home at 11:30. Up again at 5:30am with all my dignity and not a trace of a hangover.

You know what? Sometimes its good to be old!

Jendeis said...

Hi, here from NaComLeavMo. I've never heard of the band. I never hear of anybody though, as I rarely listen to music on the radio, so I'm not a good judge.

What makes me feel old: seeing how young the teenagers are at the movies, and the lines around my eyes from squinting.

Paranoid said...

Going out these days makes me feel old...We went to see Sex and the City last night, and half the audience didn't look old enough to be there. The movie didn't get out until almost 1 am, and I was tired all day. and we didn't even drink! I'm definitely getting too old.

momofonefornow said...

thanks for the comment on my blog. I won't lie, the Wii fit is pretty awesome. I am grateful that my parent s got it and that they let me us it. :0)

My Reality said...

I have no idea who that guy is.

Lots of things have been making me feel old lately. I don't even know where to start!

I want to know what your favourite piece of kitchen equipment is, you must tell!!

JamieD said...

On my one and only trip to Los Angeles, I stood next to Kristin Dunst in a store and didn't even know who she was until someone told me. I think I always assume I will never see anyone famous, so I just don't look for them.

Last night we were at a baseball game sitting next to a group of boys who were talking about movies. One of them started talking about Ghostbusters, one of them had never seen it and the other started making fun of the first for watching 80's movies.

Who hasn't seen Ghostbusters?!?!

Betty M said...

Yup I would have recognised him but only because I read other peoples' copies of Heat etc - he used to go out with Kirsten Dunst - and he once appeared in Vogue. I'm not a fan though.

What makes me feel old - the fact that the music of my youth is now marketed as music for kids to buy for their dads for fathers day.

Pamela Jeanne said...

What makes me feel old? hmmm. Would have to be the flip side of this experience -- when I make reference to a a song, movie, person, device, etc. and the person I'm talking to has no earthly idea what I'm talking about because they weren't BORN yet.

p.s. thanks for your recent comment. you're always welcome and I hope one day to meet you, too.

Bee Cee said...

I wouldn't have known him if I'd have fallen over him!!