Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Thought this might be of interest to some of you.

It seems really exciting, and a way for some of us Brits getting to the stuff the Sher Institute have been up to for some time. It's not cheap, but then, with IVF, what is?!!

I had a fertile friend berating me for wanting a private 20 week scan - as opposed to NHS, who still have yet to give me my Nuchal results from the tests they did 1 month ago. She was telling me not to be so neurotic. I know i am perhaps a bit on the nervy side but had to explain to her that this baby is very precious, that an ICSI conception is not quite the same as a natural one and she eventually backed down and apologised. If only they knew what we've been through.

Have a lovely day girls xx


Bee Cee said...

That's really interesting stuff. I have emailed it to Mr A (consultant) to see if he knows anything about it.

I don't blame you about the scan, I'd do exactly the same.

tryingin2007 said...

oh those damn fertiles! they will NEVER get it. my sister and I had an argument over this very subject. even though I went through IVF 4 times I'm now like any other "regular" pg woman. that's when the fighting words began.

I'm glad your friend apologized.

Betty M said...

I get what you mean about the scan. I know that if I hadn't (for reasons totally un-related to the IVF) been getting my 20 week scan done on the NHS by a Fetal Medicine Professor I would have been down my favourite scan outfit as well. Otherwise I have to say I was quite militant about not mentioning the IVF in my desire to be a "normal" aging first time pregnant person. Hopefully by now the hospital have got the nuchal results back to you.