Monday, May 12, 2008

As you can see - i managed to get a ticker up. Feels very strange. There's a lot of days to go until TP's due to make an appearance. I'm just counting down to the next scan at 20 weeks. Another hurdle to clear. I'm getting a lot of crampy pain in my lower back which freaks me out a bit but i think that's just TP growing.

My gorgeous thoughtful husband came home with this a kit full of goodies to pamper myself with. It was all wrapped in girlie pink paper and he'd even put a ribbon on it. He is SO fantastic. Can't wait to use it. I love a beauty product.

The gorgeous weather has been a total distraction. The only downside is that i've done so little work! It's also difficult to find clothes in my wardrobe that fit/look ok. My collection of figure hugging vest tops looks less attractive over my new roll of belly fat. Entirely unrelated to TP, but to the last 3 months of overeating and under-exercising. I'm not sure the steroids have helped but perhaps that's just a good excuse as i'm not exactly starving every time i shove some food in my gob.

Despite the fact that little fits, our cupboard is bulging with clothes - both me and Mr G tend to fluctuate in weight and have entire collections of bigger and smaller sizes. We were due to have a sort out this weekend but it didn't really happen for me. He managed to jettison a few things on Sunday night so then starting smugly taunting me with my failure to do anything.

I was busy planting pots in the garden. Our flat has direct access onto a big communal garden. I keep a few pots outside. We got up early on Sunday to go to Columbia Road Mkt you can buy great cheap plants and flowers. It's also a good place for a bagel breakfast. I bought some white lavenderbut was at a loss for what else would survive. Parts of our outside space get v little sun and other parts get blasted with hot sun all afternoon. I was thinking of calling my mum as she knows this stuff but thought it was too hard to do over the phone.

Anyway, after we'd had a breakfast stop at a Portuguese cafe - where we had custard and almond croissants and coffee for Mr G and hot water and lemon for me - we popped into a shop owned by a friend of my brother. He's not always there but when i poked my head round the door, not only was he there but so was my StepDad! He and my mum had come to the market too. They live MILES away and I had no idea they were there. As you can see from the pic, it gets totally packed with people it was amazing that we saw them at all. I got to take my mum round to advise me on what to buy!

I bought some of these Not my favourite flowers, but colourful and they will (apparently) trail. I now need some more pots and more flowers to really sort things out.

My next problem will keeping away the squirrels and pigeons who constantly dig up the pots. They ruined last year's floral display totally. I've been told to try chili seeds which i shall, but any tips gratefully received.

I've felt for all those girls facing Mother's Day in the US and Australia. It's a horrible day - really rubs the salt in the wound. Like Valentine's when you're single. You just wish you could hide away and not see all the flippin' marketing and advertising reminding you you're not even eligible to take part. It's nice that some of my blogger buddies have been cared for by their families in a sensitive way. I was thinking of you all.


Bee Cee said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day....the weather has been fabulous, long may it continue!!

I need to sort the garden next weekend...I must do it and not get distracted with sunbathing!

JJ said...

Thanks for your sweet comments, Portia--I will be sure to drink, drink, drink!
I survived the "day that shall not be named" yesterday--Mook cooked me meals all day--nice to be distracted with food=)
Ooo love what your hubby came home with for you! We have some great hubbies, dont we?

soapchick said...

Very pretty flowers and love the ticker!! You have such a nice hubby to bring you those pampering goodies!