Friday, January 15, 2010

Back on Gestone

I think my earlier post might be taken as the ramblings of a drugged up loon. I'm not sure quite what i meant as I think actually IV.F is all about survival and nothing more. Maybe it comes down to who can survive it intact.

I've heard from the clinic. A call at 16.30 to tell me to start on : ( As i had not knocking about (funnily enough) nor a prescription for some, I wondered how I was meant to do that. The helpful embryologist who called said she'd get a script ready and would hang around til i could get there.

Lucky we live close to the clinic. Many others would be drugless tonight.

It has, of course, sent me into a spiral of gloom. If my Progesterone is low that must be BAD news! She told me it hasn't fallen, it could just be higher. Hmmmmmm... They'll test again on Sunday.


Bea said...

I have noticed a real tendency to err well on the side of caution, since it seems to do no harm to up the progesterone. Hopefully this is all it means in your case.


Almamay said...

I've been thinking about your previous post and this post a lot since I read them. I think you are completely right. It's about survival and nothing else. I kept telling myself that I had to be Machiavellian about IVF. The ends justifies the means.