Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lucky i'm not (too) superstitious

After I saw 2 magpies (meant to be good news) before my 2nd IC.SI BFN, i've stopped believing in good or bad omens.

Lucky, as i've had two things happen this morning. Firstly, one of B's bottles had a crack in it which i didn't notice til it kept on leaking everywhere. Then, just now, as i was pouring boiling water into a mug, the mug cracked and hot water went flooding everywhere. Glad i wasn't holding the mug.

2 cracked vessels in a morning. Could get me worrying about something, but no point. What will be will be.

Enjoying my again (not) and already sore on both sides. Did my own jab last night, which was not easy as it's near on impossible to pull the plunger out a bit to check for blood. Decided just to press on. Proud of myself for managing though. A big psychological hurdle passed. That needle is SO scary.

Feeling a bit distant from B as Mr G keeps taking him to give me a break. Better go and put my feet up for a short while.



Almamay said...

Wow! Well done on doing your own Gestone injection. I only did it myself 2 or 3 times out of desperation. If you need any help I'm not far and I'm very gentle.

I used to HATE magpies while I was in the 2ww. Thought I was going mad as I only seemed to see them then. They plagued me. Saw one recently and realised they had no influce in the out come of a cycle.

Sending lots of love x

Betty M said...

I touched extraordinary amounts of wood during my cycles - made no difference! I expect magpies are the same. I always heard that if you only see one if you say "Hello Mr Magpie how is your wife?" that counteracts any bad luck!!

My Reality said...

Hoping for you with this cycle.