Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Movin' on up ...

...to 195 today.

Not double, but then it's only 24 hours. I'll be back in on Thursday for another blood let.

I still have a niggling worry about these numbers compared to B's. He doubled in 24 hrs from 330 to 660 AND my progesterone was double what it is now. I KNOW every pregnancy is different, but i'd feel a whole lot better if this little one could catch up even a little. Perhaps it's my nature to fret and I should shut up and enjoy but I do feel that this is all a bit too good.

I'm feeling super tired and on-and-off nauseous and really suffering strong smells. Had a sleep earlier which has helped.

This is all so weird - i feel i'm in a halfway sort of a place. I'd forgotten how stressful this first few weeks is. I'll just try to immerse myself in B stuff. I don't want him to have a distracted mother because of all of this.

I can't quite believe i'm pregnant.

I called my mum and stepdad, who've been in Australia with my brother since early December. I hadn't told them we were doing the FET - no sense in having her worry and spoil her trip. She was gob smacked. I woke them up early and when my stepdad asked what was going on she said "Portia's pg". That sounded SO strange and 'out there'. It was a wonderful moment though to have told her like that. Something i've dreamed of.

Please let this little bundle make it to real, live, babyhood.


Hopeful Mother said...

Hoping for continuing good numbers to ease your worries!

JJ said...

Lovely news, sweetie!