Sunday, January 24, 2010


So I caved.

Tested this morning and got a v faint BFP. Not so faint you had to examine it with a magnifying glass and torch, but not the deep, dark lines I got at 14dp3dt last time. It came up reasonably fast too.

You'd think we'd be jumping around and I want to be excited, but the line is so faint that i'm not sure I can be. Last time, my HCG was 300ish on day 12. If it was even half of that today, it would be MUCH darker. I thought of asking to have my beta moved up to today, to sort this out, but decided i'd like to stay in this twilight almost PG world just a little longer. Problem is, i've next to no symptoms again. Very occasional cramping and perhaps the slightest swelling of the Oh, and also some dizziness and light headedness.

Perhaps this is chemical. No point second guessing. I'll use the second stick later or tomorrow and the bloods will give me more of a clue.

Goodness gracious me this embryo is giving us a run for our money.


Betty M said...

A line is a line in my view (although I always went for the hpts with words as I felt there was less messing!). Hoping the beta shows the good news.

Almamay said...

Fantastic news.

I thought because I had a faint line with Boo Ba that it would be a chemical but he surprised us with a beta of 350. Maybe it was the batch of pee sticks I had but they continued to be faint even when I was (mentally) still testing a week later when it was 2,600.

Good luck with your beta x

Leah said...

Holy crap, I am so excited. I know you are guarded and cautious right now but I am so damn excited I think I might pee myself. Please, please, please, please let this baby come join your family in 8 months!! xoxoxo

Bea said...

A line is much better than no line, the depth of the line doesn't seem to mean much from all I've seen and read. However, good numbers are definitely more meaningful so I understand you wanting to wait til then.