Thursday, April 05, 2007

No surprises here

Once again, my darned body has denied me the dubious pleasure of peeing on a stick. Will I never enjoy the fearful anticipation and bated breath of the home pregancy test? Yesterday's spotting turned to full on period this morning.

Clearly my embryos weren't paying attention in the Mind Body class I attended. Lucky I was and am actually bearing up to the (not unexpected) disappointment quite well. I'm just waiting to collapse in a sobbing heap. Think that'll happen during the alcoholic binge I'm planning for my trip to France this weekend.

For now, i'm calm and unemotional - most unlike me really. I had an odd feeling about this cycle from the start.

Will just have to get right back in the stirrups for cycle 3...coming soon.

Good luck all you girlies with as yet unknown results. I really hope you get BFP's. It's the season of new growth etc - just because my body isn't joining in doesn't mean yours can't.

I'll be checking up on you when I return from France next Tuesday.

Bonne chance....pretentious? moi?



Valerie said...

I am sorry

seattlegal said...

I am very sorry.