Monday, April 16, 2007

Tired of being brave

Thank you all for your family pregnancy notes. Seems we've all been there...

Whilst I don't really want to post another moany entry, I just had to say I'M TIRED OF BEING THE BRAVE ONE!

I mentioned it last time, but since then two MORE people have called me brave. I'm so not brave. I'm just getting on with life in the only way I can at the moment.

Maybe I should weep and wail and demand people feel sorry for me. Actually, I really don't want them feeling sorry for me. I can think of nothing worse than being pitied. I just know that all around me are people saying what a shame it is for me and Mr G and how they wish they could make it better for us. I want to be the one they all envy NOT the charity case.

Rant over. Think i've just had a bad day working at home alone. Also can't get into any of my summer clothes. When I lost my wedding weight last year, I chucked out a load of big clothes. I've not even put on that much - 14 lbs at the most, but i'm way too big for my "slim-self" gear from last summer, so i'm stuck with staying in too hot clothes or buying in a bigger size. The bigger size thing is SO wrong. Oh, and while i'm on sizing. There was something in the papers yesterday about how some jeans manufacturers have been making their clothes bigger to make us fit into smaller labelled sizes. So, a UK size 8 is more like a 12 in reality. Two of the labels - Gap and French Connection are where I buy my jeans. Seems like my size 8 jean glory moment from last summer is a nonsense. I wasn't even that thin when I was at my thinnest! Darn.

Still, I've had a reasonable diet day - stayed away from the tempting snacks in my kitchen - but there's a long way to go. All I want to do is eat comforting carbs and sweet stuff but i know i'll feel better (at some point) if I use a bit of self control.

No more family or friend pregnancies to report...yet! I'm off to buy a piece of fish to steam and eat with some steamed vegetables. Yum.....


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