Friday, April 20, 2007

Oooooh 50!

Well aren't I getting old? Fifty whole posts already and i'm only 2 cycles in!

Saw the doc last night and am now in a quandary over what to do. We went there absolutely determined that we'd hear him out but that we're gonna move on. He's had a couple of go's and nothing much changed, so we're ready to try out another doc. BTW we've always referred to our doc as Dr Big Hair as he has the BEST head of thick hair. I'll continue calling him that now as i'm with friends.

Well, we arrive at the clinic and greet everyone - receptionist, nurses and the v sweet girl who runs the relaxation course I did there. We've started to feel unfortunately "at home" there. The only downer is that dreadful clinic smell that hits you as you go in. Otherwise, it's not like visiting mates.

Anyway, having kept us waiting for 30mins (as per usual) Big Hair, ushered into his office. He's SO lovely, we both feel like hugging him each time we see him. If he sorted us out with a baby I think we'd both marry him. He went through my last sorry cycle. He was pleased with everything. Good down reg (is down reg ever good?!), good steady growth of eggs in an average time. Apparently 13 - 18 days is the time you should get from starting stims to harvest and I managed 16. Gorgeous almost perfect embryos - again. So far so what on earth went wrong then?!! Well, apparently he thinks the sticking point is transfer. My cervix is not only tight but also a funny shape, so that they have to use a slighter firmer catheter when depositing our embryos inside. They'd rather use the soft one. He reckons that's where things are going wrong for us, or at least he'd like to try sorting that bit out.

Tight cervix indeed. I'm sure that'd be something to boast about once upon a time. Something to put on my dating CV, but now it's a darned nuisance. I asked if they can dilate it at all, but he said it would spring back - apparently the cervix is like a coiled spring...rather like my nerves...

He wants to do a hysteroscopy (run dye through the uterus to see what's going on in there) and a scan with his new super duper scanning machine (which is 3 D) and will show us my uterus in all its colourful glory. Mr G was actually excited about the machine. They were like 2 little boys with their new

He really wants a chance to try again and Mr G and I were swayed.

Now i'm not sure what to do. Risk a whole (v expensive) cycle on this or move on to a new start with another clinic. More tests, more getting used to somewhere and a new regime. We just don't know. The good news is that I can start as soon as I like. That's cool, but I think I'll need a month to check out another clinic and have my tests for the NHS referral. I'm ready to start yesterday.

He's agreed to test FSH on the cycle month and to go on a low FSH month. I'm not sure he thinks it'll make a difference, but who knows?

What to do.....

We'll have to have a think and perhaps check out another clinic but see what they say.

Anyway, have to go and rescue a smoked haddock, creme fraiche, lemon and parmesan tart from my oven.



Thalia said...

It's worth checkign out larisa's blog, at the waiting womb. She has very wonky cervix and has investigated all sorts of treatments - much more than it sounds like you need - but it might be worth being informed.

Reproductive Jeans said...

Hope that your upcoming decisions are easy ones to make--I will be thinking about you!

Baby Blues said...

It's good to keep all options open and have a second opinion if you feel the need, before making a decision. I hope your cervix loosens up a bit! Keep us posted.