Wednesday, February 06, 2008

day 8 of stims

2 more blood tests down and another scan happened. E2 levels are higher than they've ever been but my ovaries are stubbornly refusing to push out more than their usual quota. I'm remarkably calm about it. Previous cycles have seen almost as few follies and ended with 2 embies so all is not quite yet lost.

I went for acupuncture to try and persuade a follie or two to join the party. My acupuncturist - at London's most expensive alternative fertility clinic - sent an electric current through the needles straight to those ovaries. That's gotta wake them up!

Anyway, at least there's no danger of OHSS. Not just yet.

My call with instructions today was 600 Pur.egon asap, a Cle.xane shot at bedtime, Cet.rotide an hour before your 7.30am blood draw AND we'd like you to come in and do the IV.Ig tomorrow or Friday. Apparently my NK Cell tests showed two to be a little elevated. I'd hummed and hah-ed about doing the controversial IVI.g, but now it comes to it, I don't want to risk messing with the clinic's system. I asked the doc about side effects and what might go wrong. I asked "what if I don't do it". I won't bore you with the detail, but on balance, I think it's better to do it than not.

So, tomorrow I have to go to the clinic for my 7.30am draw then hang around until 9.30am when they'll have freed up the IVI.g room - which also serves as the post-op recovery room. I'll be there FOUR TO FIVE HOURS!!!! I could fly to Greece or Israel in that time. I could see two full length movies and have a snack in between. Instead, i'll be sitting in a darkened basementwith my book, ipod, a magazine and - being the typical Jewish patient, a series of snacks in case I get hungry! Well, it's a long time!!

ER looks like being some time this weekend but no one knows for sure. I just hope we get three out and I have two embryos to show for it. It's not asking it?

For the rest of this week i'll be occupied full time reproducing. Shame it's not the natural way - that'd be something to look forward to. As it is, I'm v glad i don't have a full time job - i'd never be able to manage a cycle with this clinic and a 9 to 5. I'm on twice daily bloods from tomorrow too!


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My Reality said...

I like that this cycle is different with the IVI.g and the electricity and everything else - I hope it leads to different results.

Bea said...

You're right - that is a lot of monitoring. And sitting around getting IViG infusions! Fingers crossed it's all worth it - I'm taking the better oestrogen levels as a good sign.


JJ said...

Im hoping that the ivig is worth the 4-5 hours sitting still! Hoping so much for you=)

sarah23 said...

Good luck with your treatments. I hope the IVIg goes well. Just curious...with the acupuncture to stimulate the ovaries, where are the stimulation points located?

soapchick said...

Best Wishes Portia, I hope you do get all 3!

Hopeful Mother said...

I hope you make it through the IVIG OK and not too bored - and most importantly, I really hope you have a success with this cycle. Will be thinking about you this weekend!!