Thursday, February 07, 2008


What a long day! Lay in until 7am and got to the clinic for the blood let at 8am. Mr G came along and met the lovely man who takes my blood.

We went round to the clinic and were told to come back at 9 - 9.30am. We went for brekkie at a great chain called Giraffe where i ate healthy fruit and yoghurt and watched Kate Moss scoffing a huge cooked breakfast whilst talking on her mobile. We walked back to the clinic (passing Hugh Laurie on the street) and then waited 45 minutes until they were ready for the I.VIg girls - me and 3 others.

We waited ages for the doc to canulate us. At 10.45 (!) we were finally off. FIrst an antihistamine tablet to avoid any reaction. Then some saline and then the actual juice. Blood pressure was checked each 15 mins for the first hour and then every 30 mins. It was dripped in so slowly it too a full 4 and a half hours to go in.

Time was passed with a newspaper, a selection of gossipy mags and chatting with my co IVI'ers. Two had transfer yesterday. One is 14 weeks PG. It was her 5th go. She only had IV.Ig with go 4 (when she got a chemical pg) and this go. SHe'll have top up IVI's until she hits 28 weeks - unless her antibodies come down on their own. I was v encouraged.

I also might have picked up some teaching work from one of my fellow patients! Mr G couldn't believe my networking abilities!

I feel fine. Tired - probably from lying around for hours today - but otherwise fine. I really don't feel v 'stimmed' at the moment. The odd stitchy twinge but other wise nothing. I'm actually enjoying the whole social part of this clinic. All the other patients have been v lovely and friendly.

Time to go eat some more protein and catch some zzzz's to pep up my eggs for the morning scan.

Oh - for Sarah 23 - the acupuncture points are all over. 2 in my wrists, in each of my ankles, on my feet, around my knees and several over my ovary area. The electrodes are on needles just over my ovaries. Hope that helps...?


Carrie said...

This is such a big commitment it must seem overwhelming at times?
You are doing so well, coping with all this.

Of course if it has the desired outcome it'll all be so worth it. I really hope it all comes together, there is a lot of reason to hope.

Bea said...

Hope those eggs are pepped. I would dearly love to see the IVIg debate settled once and for all. Encouraging reports keep coming through, yet others say it doesn't help... makes me think there's a special group of patients who benefit? In any case, I hope it works beautifully for you.


soapchick said...

I'm glad you've gotten to meet some of the fellow patients at the clinic and are enjoying that part. I actually look forward to going in to see my nurses because they are so nice! I've been doing acupuncture too and I love it. I'm hoping those eggs of yours come out with the most fabulous quality ever! Wow, lots of famous people in London!

Ms. P said...

Wow, what a regiment! You have very good reason to be so tired. I don't know if I would handle it as well. Am sending lots of "stimulating" thoughts your way!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a crazy treatment. I've never heard of anyone doing that here in the US. Good luck with your upcoming ER. Did you find out when it is yet?