Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thanks all of you for your comments. Did you all go back to work?

Mr G is of the view that I shouldn't be working as my job can be quite physical. I tend to think that if it's going to work, it'll work, no matter what you do. Having said that, after all we've put into this cycle, i'd HATE to risk it all going wrong because I did too much to soon.... I'd go mad sitting still for two weeks. And then what? Retire for 9 months? I don't think so!

Anyway, all this is theoretical as i'm not yet carrying anything - other than a lardy belly gained from 2 weeks of no exercise, an extra daily litre of milk (skimmed of course), general greed and comfort eating. The banana walnut muffins I made yesterday - supposedly to use up our ageing bananas but really to occupy myself with a mindless activity - won't help. I think i'll freeze them.

Today's call from the embryologist said that they're all still there and have divided. One is four cells. One is five - too fast perhaps. I'm not sure about the other two as I got a bit flustered on the phone. They still don't know if we'll transfer tomorrow or Saturday. They'll call it tomorrow when they see how they've done. I'm so not used to this extra waiting. In my earlier cycles we've never gone past 2 day transfer. What if they don't last until tomorrow?!!!!

It's weird having no idea when we'll do ET. I want to book acupuncture, but that's not really possible without knowing when we'll be transferring. I'll maybe call them later today just to get a better view.

It's another gorgeous day. Clear bright blue sky and sunshine. The TV guy has just been to run a cable from our SKY box into our bedroom. Until now we haven't bothered with TV in our bedroom. It seemed a good idea if i'm going to be spending some time in there over the next few days. We're going to buy a nifty flat screen for the wall with some wedding money.

I'm happy to be doing something different than before. It feels good.


Rebecca said...

Sounds like everything is moving along nicely...good for you! I just read your last post and I rested the day of the transfer, but then went back to normal. The PIO made me tired, so that probably slowed me down and I didn't exercise. Other than that, kept moving. Good luck with that decision!

soapchick said...

I went back to work 2 days after the transfer, but fortunately I work at home so I didn't have far to go from the couch to my office.

Foreverhopeful said...

Just catching up on how you are doing...! Thats great news you have 4 embryo's. Just wanted to wish you luck on this cycle. I usually stay on at home and take it easy for a couple of days after transfer than I went back to work. But I work in an office and its not physically hard but I think you should do whatever you feel comfortable with so you don't 2nd guess yourself and regret anything. Good luck with your transfer.

Almamay said...

I've done almost everything in my numerous 2WWs. I've done complete rest only leaving the house once. I've gone back to work, even in between EC and ET. I've flown, I've gone on holiday and I've chanted every day. As you know, all BFN. I've always been told it's down to the embryo and if they decide to stick around or not. If you think you should rest then by all means rest.

Bea said...

I'm with you. I don't think it'll make any difference whether you go back to work or not. The only problem is if you'll blame yourself (or he you?) for doing X instead of Y.


Carrie said...

I'm almost certain that working or not working doesn't make the difference but I stayed off work for two weeks! I had already arranged to take the last week of stims off and then another week. As it happened I didn't take any time until EC so I still had the full two weeks. It was great. I am doing the same next time, maybe longer.
The way I see it, the more rested and stress free I am the less I can blame myself for. My job can involve a fair bit of confrontation and there is no way to truly stay calm. I couldn't stand having anything to reproach myself about.
Also, mentally. I found this whole deal very stressful, I think it is only fair to be kind to yourself when possible. My GP fully agrees.
I hope you manage to have some time to yourself.

Anonymous said...

I think you should do what you are most comfortable with. If sitting around doing nothing makes you nuts, then maybe you could do some modified work. I realize your job requires you to be on your feet in the kitchen, but maybe you could do some easier stuff.