Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Game over

Perhaps TMI but i'm distraught to report that the spotting has turned to gushing.

MDB had read that you can bleed and still be pregnant (bless him) and is hopeful, but I know there can't be anything left up there! I have cramps and lower back pain too. Sad end to this attempt.

I've been scared to go to the bathroom - it just gets worse and worse - and come out each time bawling. I wish there was some way of putting it right. All that effort and emotion invested to get to this point - it's SO unfair!

I know we'll try again, but who knows how do people do this time after time. The emotional rollercoaster is horrendous.

Those 2 perfect embryos clearly didn't want to stick around. I wish I knew why! Until now we've had answers to everything. This is the first mystery in our infertility. Just out of luck, I suppose.

Anyway, I need to go and get a hug from MDB - who has come home to see me - and to get on with some work to take my mind of my misery. I'll recover, but am feeling low, low, low.

ps: Still rooting for you Heather xxx


Hopeful Mother said...

UGH- I am SO sorry!!!

Make sure you get some extra love from MDB.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry! I hate this emotional rollercoaster. It sucks so much. I hope you and MDB get the love you need from each other.

P.S. Thank you. We'll know sometime in the next 6 hours!

andi said...

Hello - damn damn damn - I am bummed for you - I hope you emerge from this eve feeling better. And be sweet to yourself.