Friday, November 17, 2006

Spoke too soon... i'm feeling a bit empty tonight. Feel like this week's been a bit wasted really.

I'm not pg and i'm getting nowhere with work. Spent the last two weeks - since failure of cycle - messing about. Today did NO work at all! Met friend who's had 2 failed cycles but who has 2 blasts in the freezer. She's waiting until New Year to try again as she's flying a long way over Xmas hols. Her first go was successful, but she miscarried at 9 weeks. Found out it was a chromosomal problem (had to try to type that 3 times!) so not viable anyway. At least she knows this works and she can get pg, although it was really hard for her.

After seeing friend, did some shopping - pressies for family - and then food for tomorrow's class. Then met younger sis - 17 yrs old - and talked about all of this some more. We hadn't spoken about it yet. So weird - getting pg is the worst thing in the world she can think of happening to her and about the best thing I can think of happening to me! We're at opposite ends of the reproduction cycle in terms of age.

Home this evening - pouring rain outside. DH snoring in front of tv, me feeling just a bit alone. Also have ecsema (how do you spell that?) all over hands which is itchtastic and driving me CRAZY!!!

Time to sleep. Gotta be bright and bubbly tomorrow

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Hopeful Mother said...

I can relate to that feeling... very hard to concentrate on work when this is all going on...!