Friday, November 10, 2006

Just a quick one

Am so tired. I think all this grieving has really taken it out of me. That, and the fact that I ran a teambuilding workshop for 15 people today. We cooked a 3 course meal plus bread and i'm absolutely exhausted. I shopped for it yesterday and tested all my recipes and was on my feet all day today, controlling 15 very noisy and exuberant Starbucks marketeers. They were like children - not that I'D know!!

It so was hard to get up and be happy smiley girl, but it got me through the day and that's what counts at the moment. I HATE waking each day with that lump in my chest - the really down feeling. I know it'll pass though and keeping busy keeps me sane. I'm teaching another class in the morning, so right now - aching all over - it's time to get some rest.

It's also time to get myself back in shape - too much weight gained during the cycle and my jeans are tight. Definitely time to get fit for round two!

Night, night xx

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andi said...

Sounds like you are on the the right track - and are getting sorted for another go!!! good for you girl. i am off to australia on monday - so will be checking in only rarely to the web - but will catch up on your happenings.