Sunday, November 05, 2006

IVF Day 45; 2WW Day 9/-5!

I haven't had the energy to post for the last few days.

Wednesday ended with me in tears all evening, feeling friendless, lonely and generally sorry for myself. I know i'm not and MDB is WONDERFUL, but i'd hit a BIG dip in the hormone rollercoaste and there is no logic to your moods on that ride.

Think i'd been working too much at home alone, so I kept myself busy for the next few days. Thursday morning I had a meeting to plan a teambuilding exercise i'm running next week and in the afternoon I planned a lesson for that evening. Felt level headed. Worried by 2 road rage incidents that had my adrenalin running. I'm trying SO hard to keep calm, but i obviously need to be kept at home to stay calm - and then i end up miserable!

Friday I went out to breakfast and to buy gifts for a party we have to go to on Saturday night. Felt really, really nauseous. I'm sure it's to do with my guts as they are so all over the place, but you can't help feeling a bit hopeful....

I went to visit a friend in hospital - at least I got to put my feet up whlst I was there. MDB had tickest to a screening of the new Bond film and I was ready to go, but felt v tired and was concerned at not being able to do my (most favourite) progesterone pessary on time. We decided to skip it - too many people and cold night too - and went for a local Thai meal.

Still cramping, but not so badly, and the nausea comes and goes. This really is unbearable! Saturday night, we had to go to a big family party. I SO didn't want to go. I just feel so bloated that I didnt' want to put on a sexy black dress and heels. I knew loads of people would be aware of our troubles - our fault for being so open - and I just wasn't up to being talked to, or talked about. Really didn't enjoy it very much - i'm sure standing in heels and being cold wasn't good for me - and feel even more crampy and tired today. The cramping and backache is v much like my normal pre period stuff....PLEASE don' t let if be that!

Sorry for the length of this entry. I must write up my stuff more often, so I don't have to write pages of update!

Anyway, no bleeding yet so still hopeful. Who knows why I feel so crampy. Will try to take it easy tonight xx

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andi said...

Hello there - good to hear you are hanging in there - and I can understand you not wanting to go out - the weather has turned freezing here in olde london town.

I am sure the cramping is a good sign - at least from all the blogs I have read.

I have been having accupuncture as well - it is a blissful experience - isn't it.

Fingers crossed you have happy news this week! There seems to be a spate of people getting positive tests - I hope the luck stays with you (sorry if this sounds like pressure).

My spouse is away for work this week- so I think I am going to have to go to the Doc myself and get the results on Wednesday - gulp. Meantime I am on day 7dpo - after lots of perfectly timed sex. God - it would be good if this was the month.

I have been out in Notting Hill having brunch with my sister - and the orange juice tasted off to me - but not my sister - perhaps I am clutching at straws.

Yes - let's link blogs.