Monday, November 20, 2006

Looking forward

Just booked a cottage for Christmas. We're going to spend a week in the middle of nowhere, just being. I can't wait. We'll take lots of lovely food and drink and really relax.

I've felt more positive today again. Enjoyed some lovely food and wine with my folks on Saturday night. Caught up on some sleep on Sat night too. Got some work done today and am really looking forward to Thursday's appointment. Lots to feel good about.

Wonder when my body's going to get back to normal. I should be about halfway through my cycle - post 1st ICSI - but there's no sign of ovulation. I'll ask our Dr.

Loved the idea (on Hopeful Mother blog) of the Dr kicking the wall when treatments don't work. I LOVE that they care!

Not too much to post really as little has changed for us. Just more healing and a return to that nice hope filled state.

RIght, time to get down from my desk and watch some relaxing tv.


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Anonymous said...

That cottage sounds so nice and peaceful. Glad you're feeling more positive and hopeful.

I'm looking forward to hearing what happens at your appointment on Thursday!