Thursday, November 16, 2006

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Not much to report at the moment. I'm levelling out a bit.

Watched the new programme presented by Robert Winston about IVF last night. It was about PGD. 2 couples had already had babies with terrible diseases or disabilities and were trying to screen their embryos to avoid it happening again. A third couple had 4 boys and wanted a girl. MADE ME WANT TO SCREAM!!!! How can they do that?! They have 4 healthy children and would have discarded male embryos they made during IVF. It was SO WRONG!!! I totally understood and sympathised with the first two couples.

Only one couple was successful. A couple who had a healthy boy, but who carried a terrible syndrome (Goucher's syndrome?) that had killed their first baby. They had a healthy boy. A couple with a profoundly disabled girl weren't lucky. It was heart wrenching and so unfair, as they seemed to be really good parents and couldn't afford to try again. The 2WW was really hard to watch and made me cry a little for them. Left me a little sad. The sex selection couple weren't lucky, but were rich enough to try again - WRONG,WRONG,WRONG!!!!

I joined an infertility group today. I only did it so i could lurk on their notice boards. It's £20 a year to be a member, so no big spend - cheap compared to our total outlay so far! Anyway, it turns out that you're entitled, as a member, to call up their nurse - a qualified fertility nurse up to speed with all the latest. She's there three days a week! How good is that?! Will definitely call them up.

We've also had an offer (from someone who reads our newspaper column - not sure i've mentioned that one so far) to speak to them about the clinic we're at. This man and his wife were treated there and have a 2 and a half year old boy now. we're going to call him at the weekend.

Feeling quite positive today. Off - into the cold, grey, already darkening afternoon - to work now. Yuck. Still, gets me out the house and stops me obsessing over this stuff. xx

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that one couple would make me want to scream too! That just bugs me so much!!

Glad to hear that you're doing better! Take care!