Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Looking forward

Looking forward to having another plan of action when we see the Doc tomorrow.

It's a weird time between treatments. With no sniffing, jabbing or other charming stuff, i've got my life back but it's not really my own. I'm not thinking about IVF every five minutes and I'm determined not to be ruled byit, but I can't make too many plans as I just don't know when I'll be back on treatment treadmill.

Example - i'm looking forward to our cosy Christmas cottage and was thinking about ordering a mixed case of wine to take with us. We can eat and drink really special food and wine. Really treat ourselves and relax. BUT - and it's a big BUT - what if i'm back on the drugs? No wine and lots of tears.... It's all so uncertain. I suppose I could decide we'll take Christmas off and then get back to it in the new year. That might make sense...but would I want to postphone?

Anyway, as my body's showing no signs of being anywhere near back to normal, we're not likely to be having any treatment in the next few weeks. An IVF friend had said to me that she freaked out after her first cycle when her period failed to show for a while. She was convinced that her failing supply of eggs had all been used up! They hadn't. It crosses your mind...

We're going to get on the waiting list for another clinic. They have the best results in the UK and are on our doorstep. Even if we use up our frosticle at our current clinic, we'll probably go to the new one for the next round. Mad not to.

Nothing much else to report. It's cold, grey and rainy and i'm working tonight - 2 nights running...yuck! My car is playing up - replaced a tyre (at huge expense last week) and last night, the warning light went on again!! HOW frustrating! Had to spend time taking it to be checked again! Just not having loads of luck at the moment.

Feeling v tired too today - think i might have a cold coming. With that and the excsema (still struggling with the spelling) I think i might just be a teeny bit run down. Might skip my morning exercise run/walk tomorrow...very daring! I'm working in the morning anyway, so not much time to exercise.


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Hopeful Mother said...

Yes, I can relate! Having a plan of action really makes everything feel different.

I know what you mean about getting your life back. I feel like I have parts of mine back, even if it's only temporary, and that is a good feeling. But I will admit that I still think about IVF every 10 min. or so...

We're only waiting because there are some tests to run before the next cycle and the lab closes over the holidays. Otherwise I would be going full force into the next round... I have not gained patience as a trait out of this experience!