Wednesday, July 04, 2007


...drum roll................................ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Today's scores are.....................almost exactly the same as yesterday!

Only one follie has done anything overnight. One of the tiddlers has moved up a little.

Thanks for yeseterday's comments girls - i'm not actually too riled as today's scanner operator was "Day Two - just can't get your name right" woman and i'm not really sure about her accuracy. As a Leah and Bea said, it's most definitely an art. How on earth do they know which one they've measured? They all look the same to me!

E2 levels continue to rise and I haven't lost Monster Foll off the top of the graph, so i'm cool. It would actually be quite convenient if we could hold egg collection until the weekend anyway.

A little corner of my mind - currently gated shut with a big "Enter at your own risk" sign in front of it - is worried about this plateau but i'm just not going there. Perhaps it's like weight loss - you lose and lose and then, whatever you do, you can't shift those last few pounds. Maybe those follies are really trying to grow, and will suddenly burst through the plateau.

I went from this morning's scan straight to my acupuncture session where I hope the follies got a burst of growing power.

Then I went on to lunch with my folks and aunties and uncles (2 of each) for one of my uncle's birthdays - born on the 4th of July. Happy birthday to him and Happy Independence day to all you girlies accross the water!

Lunch was GORGEOUS - one of my favourite restaurants - Odette's in Primrose Hill. Here's a pic taken from the web:

The chef - Brynn Williams (bad pic off internet) is lovely - he's a bit of a media chef here, on and off television. He came over to talk to us but I had to run off and couldn't chat.

The bread - four different types all fresh and chewy - was gorgeous. They brought a pre-starter shot glass of pea soup with a tiny goujon of hot, crumbed fish and a v thin anchovy flavoured shard of bread. I had a seared tuna nicoise to start - also really, really good - and then John Dory fillet (wrapped in crispy potato straws that made it look like it was wrapped in some sort of cocoon) which was served on a bed of crushed, minted peas and then a vanilla pannacotta served with strawberries marinated in basil syrup as well as fresh strawberries and some strawberry coulis. It was all really, really tasty and good to look at. At £17 for 3 courses, it was also good value. My appetite remains extremely healthy.

What was really lovely was being with my mother, her brother and sister and their spouses. I love their company and we laugh a lot. Mr G had to work which was a shame as we missed him.

Going to hot water bottle it now and try to devote some energy to egg growing. Good luck you girls on a cycle



Becks said...

So here I am trying to lose some weight and you make my mouth water with the sound of that fabulous food...and what a bargain. Think I'll have to pay a visit there.

Hope the acu and the rest helps those stubborn follies over the plateau and here's to a weekend retreival.

Another one trying said...


8 Follies is super news, don't worry about them until ec and you will be pleasantly suprised. Odettes looks fab and good value. No doubt I will have to pay a visit.

Amy said...

That meal sounds amazing! Maybe one day when I visit London... :)

My Reality said...

Your lunch sounds fantastic!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Mmmmm that food sounds so delish!
Hope the acu does wonders--and hopefully there is a retrieval this weekend=)