Thursday, July 19, 2007


Thankfully, the last five days have passed much more quickly.

The cramps have continued along with the back pain. The bosoms are still on their way down too. I'm on full time bosom watch, prodding them every half hour or so to see how tender they are! They do seem to be returning to normal.

BUT, despite all of that, I still have my hopeful moments and there's been no bleeding....yet. I lasted until day 12 last time and it's still only day 10. I'm reasonably calm and have lots to do to take my mind off things - for a few minutes at a time at least.

This week's been a busy one:

On Monday I was invited to join the Guild of Food Writers. I'm so pleased. I applied a few months ago and wasn't sure if they'd accept me. You have to have had your food writing published a certain number of times and the committee have to approve your work. They did! A nice piece of news.

I worked a bit too hard on Tuesday and was worried i'd overdone it. I taught 8 children to make pasta (ravioli) and meringues on Tuesday. I got home and had an hour on with my feet up and then had to rush off to help my caterer friend cook a dinner for 45 people in honour of David Ca.meron - one of our leading pol.iticians - so she was really stressed. It was really hard work - the kitchen was 2 steep floors up from the dining area. I had to go carry stuff up and down the stairs LOADS of times and was pretty exhausted by the end of the evening. I was worried i'd overdone it but I actually think either this IVF has worked or it hasn't and a bit of hard work isn't going to change that now.

Yesterday I had some major cramps and backache and went into full-on knicker watch - in between bosom prodding that is.

Today i've been cooking all day. I'm doing salads, dips and desserts for my best friend's BBQ on Saturday. I've given her a Moroccan themed menu.

Mr G and I will deliver it all on Saturday morning. She lives about 2 hours away from me, so it'll be a half day by the time we've got there and back. I wasn't sure if I should do the work during my 2WW, but its been good for me to concentrate on something other than my stomach cramps and chest. I'll post some (boring) foodie pics when the food's done.

Hope all my co-ladies in waiting are doing ok.



My Reality said...

Still holding out hope for you. And I still want to come be your sous-chef!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Holding onto hope my dear! Be sure to take it easy! And congrats on the Food Guild--thats awesome!!!

Knock Me Up said...

Congratulations on the Food Writer's Guild. That is quite a nice thing to have happen.

As for overdoing it, I'm in the same boat you are -- it either worked or it didn't and nothing I do at this point will change that.

Take care. I'll check back.

Baby Blues said...

Good job in getting accepted the Food Guild!

It's good you're kepping yourself busy by cooking, as for me I've been eating! Argh. But I do plan to go back to the gym. I just love food to much to give it up. I think I would just have increase my activities and burn more calories.

Bea said...

Congrats on the foodie job! Glad you're hanging in there... hope it continues... hope your suspicions are wrong.


andi said...

Hello my dear - how are you doing? I am praying for you. Do let us know. Love Andi