Monday, July 09, 2007


I'll keep this short as you've just had to endure the longest post in the world....

The clinic rang. One egg wasn't suitable for fertilisation. Three fertilised. One of those fertilised abnormally but TWO have come through with flying colours. Phew. We have two embryos to be returned tomorrow. I'd have liked one to join my frostie in the freezer, but I'll be happy to welcome back the two we have got tomorrow.

I'm immensely relieved but if i'm honest - a little disappointed and sad. I know I should be grateful for 2, but the perfectionist in me wants better than 50%. I've always done much better than that (in life if not in IVF) but as Mr G told me - this isn't an exam and you can't treat it like one. If we get a 50% return on our implantation, we'll have a baby. Aren't men just so logical.

Transfer tomorrow at 1.30pm. I've booked an acupunturist to come treat me at the clinic, so I can lay there post transfer and relax. My Mum asked me about the Car.diff Uni research dissing alternative treatments which was in all our papers yesterday. I don't believe it - it seems fairly flawed and not overly helpful - but I hate the doubt it plants in my mind. As acupuncture has helped get my body ready for this cycle i'm going to stay with it.

Oh, meant to mention that egg collection took place on the fourth anniversary of my Daddy's death. He died before I met Mr G which makes me sad and I miss him every single day of my life. He died way too young at 61 - he was so fit and vital. Pancreatic cancer took him from us in just 14 weeks from diagnosis. It's an evil disease. I wish he was here now. I'd normally go up to his grave on his anniversary, but I hope he'll understand why I couldn't make it yesterday and I really hope he'll do all he can to help his grandchild into this world. I miss you Daddy.



Leah said...

Congratulations on your embies. Remember that even if you had loads of them, you still probably wouldn't put back more than 2, so this should be just right!

I firmly believe in the value of acupuncture for fertility. Don't listen to the bunk in that article.

I'm sorry about your Dad. He will surely understand why you couldn't go. Hopefully he's busy working his magic Up There to get one (or two) of those embies to stick tomorrow!

Good luck, I'll be thinking about you.

Reproductive Jeans said...

Oh yay! 2 beautiful embies! They sounds perfect=)
I am still a believer in accu--I go for my 1st appt. today!

I am sorry about your dad--Leah's right--he's up there helping get those embies ready to be your babies!


Waiting Amy said...

Two is just enough! And whatever helps you be relaxed can never be bad (execpt for a 5th of whiskey). So stick those needles in!

Good luck and we'll all be hoping for ya!

Knock Me Up said...

I understand that feeling of dissapointment -- I had it with my first IVF. But of course, Mr. G is absolutely correct, 50% implantation would equal 100% baby. Of course, it is easy to say that and I'm sure in your rational mind you get it, but with this embie stuff it is SO MUCH NOT IN THE MIND but totally in the desire of your heart and that's hard to be rational about. Take it easy -- I agree with the other ladies that your Dad would understand and he is pulling for you. We all are pulling for you too!

AshPash said...

Portia: First let me say how terribly sad I am to see that you lost your father to evil cancer. My MIL died of breast cancer and it took me two years to stop crying weekly. Cancer is evil, evil and I am sorry that it touched your life.

Now, about those embies...sending good wishes that they love their new home and dig right in. Don't believe those reports about extra "treatments" not working...there are flaws in that report...too detailed to go into here. There have been many studies done that show acupuncture does improve IVF outcomes. We just had three embryos traanferred on Friday and had acupuncture before and after. Many good wishes!!

Drowned Girl said...

That study basically said that women with more failed treatment behind them are more likely to use alternative therapies (and not sure it differentiated between one therapy and another) yet they have lower success rates.

Not such exciting news, really.

AshPash said...

Portia: I rested for the "required" 48 hours and will just try to remember to take it easy. I am the kind of girl who moves entire rooms of furniture by herself so I have to remember to NOT do that for a few days! :) My husband is also telling me to slow down...and he keeps referring to me in ways such as "You FOUR be careful driving" referring to those blobby little embies and me!

Amy R said...

Best of luck tomorrow during your ET- your two embies (and you!) will be very relaxed with the acupuncture right afterwards :)

Anonymous said...

Huge congrats on the embryos. I am glad the retrieval went smoothly.

I am sure your dad understands why you weren't at his grave. I hope he is watching over your embryos and can do something to help with the outcome of all of this.

Bea said...

Congrats on your two embryos. I know you want more, or better, but as long as it's "enough" that's all we want.

Sorry about your Dad. That is a quick course of illness. It must have been a shock. I'm sure he'll understand.


Baby Blues said...

Sounds good to me! Good luck on the transfer. We'll be in the two week wait together! I'll just be here to hold your hand.

Becks said...

That was so sweet about your Dad, it brought tears to my eyes.

So pleased for you that you have 2 to go back, keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well for transfer.

I too had the struggle of trying to move around London at the weekend. Who knows, we could have passed each other in the street!

Infertili-Me said...

I am so glad the ER went well. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

After my ER, my hubby waited on me hand and foot right up until 36 hours after ET. He doesn't give the best pedicures but they are getting better.

keep your chin up!


Hopeful Mother said...

Congrats on your 2 embies making their way "home" today. I hope everything went well, and of course for the best possible result!