Friday, July 06, 2007

Trigger tonight

Well, my follies have dragged themselves to the end of the week.

The day four scan (thurs) showed some slight movement with the bigger follies and third in line but the tiddlers pretty well refused to move. Only one had moved from 10 up to 11/12. The nurse reckoned we'd be up for the trigger on thursday night, but my Doc - Dr Big Hair - who'd just arrived back from the big fertility conference in France - said we'd go another night. I was pleased, because i was not happy about going into egg collection with only 3 large follies.

Today, the three biggies were all above the line - each in their 20's - and guess what....the 12 mm-er had shot up the graph with an overnight growth spurt and had joined them! I've now got four up there and ready to rock and roll! I'd got up and put my jeans back on when the sonographer (proper name for scanner operator) was marking up her chart. She was so surprised she made me drop them again so she could double check! I was so pleased. Pitiful really - such excitement at my sad tally of eggs. Amazing last minute spurt from that follie - wonder if it was the acupuncture or the gallons of water I drank yesterday?

Anway, i've already done my Men.opur and Cet.trotide for today and i'm up for the last time this cycle at 11pm. Egg Collection is booked for 10am on Sunday morning. Gorgeous Kiwi Sweetheart nurse told me Big Hair would be in himself. She said they NEVER see him at the weekend so I must be special if he was coming in to do it. I'm actually feeling excited.

Please, please let this be the one for me.
Let this be my time.
Let it be me on the right side of the percentages.
Please let me have earned the right to my baby
I've done everything I can...and more...all I can do is keep going and hope.

Still...we've still got to get those eggs out, get them fertilised and get them back in. A bit early for my pleas perhaps.

I celebrated with a supermarket sweep around Wai.trose - my favourite supermarket - where I bought loads of my favourite (healthy) foods. Lots of summer berries, nuts and raisins and some flowers to cheer up the flat. We'd been to the farmer's market near the clinic and bought some fresh sardines and med veg to griddle for supper. We're both feeling a bit lazy so we might just end up eating a pizza we've got in the freezer - we can do healthy sardines tomorrow.

I felt sad reading some of your posts this week. Some of you are where I was only a few weeks ago. Reality and Forever Hopeful moved me in particular. I'm thinking of you both and sending you a big hug. I know just how you feel and you both wrote from the heart. I wish we all could be in a different place and not going through any of this. Lots of love to you both and to anyone having a hard time this week.

Good luck to the cyclers too xx


Knock Me Up said...

I am so happy for you. This is great news. Yeah for triggering tonight and ER on Sunday. I'll be checking in to see how you are doing. I'm happy you are getting to the next step and I know it has been terrible thinking the follies were just stay on the slow boat to interminable. I think I'll trigger on Sunday night for ER on Tuesday. Woo Hoo!!

Amy R said...

Crossing my fingers for you :)

Bea said...

Good luck with trigger! And ER, if I don't catch you. Fingers crossed for enough of everything - eggs, embryos... babies.


Amy said...

Good Luck! I'm so glad you made it to retreival! Here's to ET. Fingers crossed!

Baby Blues said...

Good luck Portia. I'm hoping this is the one for you too.

CAM said...

It all sounds good! Good luck with the retrieval...keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. :)

Knock Me Up said...

Hey Portia: Just wanted you to know I am thinking about you today and hope all is going well. Take care. Merideth

Reproductive Jeans said...

Oh I am so happy! I will be thinking of you and hoping that you are on the positive side of the percentages--keep us posted! Best wishes!!!

Infertili-Me said...

We are thinking of you and wishing you the best!

Anonymous said...

I hope your retrieval has gone well. I am crossing everything for a great fertilization report.

Thanks for you kind words. It helps knowing none of us are alone.

Another one trying said...

I hope your EC went well and loads of postive vibes for your embrys. Well done almost there.