Tuesday, July 03, 2007

forwards...and backwards...

I'm sitting with my feet up and a hot water bottle on my tum. It's 4.30pm and i'm feeling very guilty that i'm not at my desk. This is so hard. Feeling like I should be working, but also that I should be giving this my very best shot. I'm lucky I work from home and can take the chance to relax but it leaves me feeling a bit of a slacker.

I've now had 3 scans which are showing bizarre scores:

Day 1: 5 follies - the largest at 16mm and lining at 9ish. Ce.trotide begins. WHAT a big needle that has!! MUCH bigger than the one I use on my normal syringes, and no, I didn't get mixed up and use the needle you're meant to use to mix the meds! In the rush to plunge I used that fat boy needle anyway but found out later that I can use my fine needles in the Ce.trotide syringe.

Day 2: Oddly, no sign of the 16mm follie, only a 14mmish follie out in front and my lining has dropped to 8ish...

I seem to be going backwards!! Weird, but optimistic me thinks "ok, no problem, i don't want the big ones getting too big before their little teeny tiny siblings can catch up".

Day 3: Return of the big follie - which is now showing up at a healthy and over the "ready to mature" line 18mm. My lining's back up to the high 9's - almost 10.

3 scans, 3 scan operators, 3 different scores. A little bit worrying as tomorrow I have the lady who did Day 2. I just hope she's accurate....She pronounces my name wrong every time I see her. If she can't get my name right how am i meant to trust her scanning abilities!!

Never mind. I'm feeling ok - this is the "up" part of the roller coaster. I'm taking action and hope's high. I've 8 follicles now. More than i've ever had before. 4 aren't likely to grow as they're teeny weeny and idling around on the baseline, but it's good to know that they're actually there. Makes me wonder if a higher dose (i'm on 300 - 4 vials of Menopur) would push some more though.... I'm really hoping I can manage a harvest of 5 eggs or so - that'd be great. Just so long as they're of good quality.

I'm eating lots of protein and drinking so much water and herbal tea that I can hear it all sloshing around in my belly when i move quickly! I sound like a hot water bottle.

Time to get back to work. Good luck to the other cycling girlies. Hope your follies are growing well.



Reproductive Jeans said...

Keep going follies! Thats great news=) What type of herbal tea do you drink? Send me suggestions if you dont mind!=) reprojeans@gmail.com

Becks said...

Don't feel guilty about taking it easy, you deserve it.

I hope the next scan brings you good news. Ooh it's getting to the good stuff now!!

Leah said...

Grow, follies, grow! I too had kooky measurements during my last cycle, and seemed to be entirely dependent upon who was doing the wanding. I had follies somehow magically go from 17 to 20 and back to 18 in the span of 3 days. Um, I don't think so. Ultrasound is an art, not a science.

Bea said...

Definitely an art. Take no notice. My FS doesn't do a lot of measuring for this reason. Mainly estimates. Counting? "One, two, many, lots." Lining? "Yes, no, maybe." That's about as accurate as it gets. Oh, but he correlates it all with the hormone levels before he makes a decision.